remember in the last post, i mentioned my disappointment of receiving damaged macarons from sucre?  & how i emailed the company & told them?  well, i didn’t think i would hear from anyone from there… BUT i did!

chrissy from sucre emailed me a few days after i had sent that initial email.  she was very apologetic.  AND she informed me that she had already re-sent another sampler pack to me @ no extra charge!  i wrote her back & thanked her for her kind gesture and professional customer service.

i started to rethink my opinion of sucre

well, a couple of days ago, i received the “make-up” order…. BUT sadly 😦 all the macarons in there were CRACKED.  mon dieu, much worse than the original order!

sigh, at this point i realized that the folks at sucre really have no control over their fragile goods once they are in the hands of UPS.  chrissy had mentioned in her response email to me that as much as they carefully & thoughtfully package their fragile confections, they are, unfortunately, somewhat at the mercy of “the whims” (chrissy’s words, not mine) of UPS’ handling and delivery… 

so, i emailed chrissy again to tell her the above & that i appreciated their efforts, etc… & that she needn’t send another box… bec. frankly, i don’t care to be disappointed in a box of cracked up macarons…  i really doubt another box would make it either!

as before, i didn’t cry over broken macarons… i salvaged what i could & decided to have a photo shoot of sorts, before they all got discarded (aka eaten)  🙂

i tried to photograph them in as flattering light as i could manage.  most all the macarons were crushed on the one side… so i tried to not show the underside.  but the crumbs… they were hard to brush off mainly because they stuck to the filling & i didn’t want to chance cracking them even more!

as imperfect in appearance as they were, they were still quite very tasty.  the lemon ones were my favorite ones, i think. 

one of these days, when conditions are oh so right for macaron making, i will have macarons that are not on crack, er, i mean not cracked :)…

& that will be a day of celebration, for sure.


art & independence




i can’t believe we’re in JULY (?!) already…much less today being the 4th.  where did the time go?  seemed like only yesterday it was the last day of school, hehehe! 


my mom has been visiting us since monday, so i have been juggling being her chauffeur/shopping companion + trying to get some work done in both the garden & studio.  it’s been so nice to have mom here though…she loves coming here & the best part is that she cooks my fave foods! 🙂  thanks mom, you are the BESTEST mom ever! xoxo

later today, if the weather holds out (it’s been doom & gloomy here the last couple of days), we may head to the farmer’s market…my mom has been craving sausage lately (esp. after i told her about a friend whose spouse forced him to eat vegetarian when really he was dying to eat burgers & italian sausages!)…there’s one vendor at the farmer’s market that sells the most DELISH brats…my mouth is watering just thinking about them.  i hope they will be there so we can pick up some cherry (yes, cherry…they are WICKED good!)  and cheddar brats.  that’s one of the good things about living here in cheeseland…you can get good brats & cheese, hehehe! 🙂


i’ve managed to get some wips completed…like these ATCs for lorri’s swap


the theme was rubberstamping.  i stamped all the cards prior to embellishing them…i hope that these will be in keeping with the theme.  i cannot resist not embellishing my work in some fashion…that’s the mixed media collage artist in me coming out…  i used what i had on hand…bits n pieces from other projects as well as stamp & photo images from my personal stash.  i liked the fact that i didn’t go out & buy anything new to make these…i just used what i had & also kept the color palette the same for all 7 cards, for continuity’s sake.  i had fun making these & am looking forward to getting back some terrific artwork. 

at the moment, i’m working on an itty bitty book project, SUMMER. 4709f i am hoping to get all 13 books completed & shipped out before we head out on vacation next week.  each participant had to make 2 sets of pages…i made a couple of extras because, well, that’s what my lil brain has been conditioned to do, lol.  ibsmrbk1i just finished working on them last night.  and now, i’m getting ready to run the pages i do have in my hands thru the binding machine.  omg, so far, the artwork has been outstanding & i am happy to report, another FAB itty book in the works!   

speaking of fab books…look what arrived on my doorstep just in time for the 4th?


my red, white & tag book from jessica’s swap.  isn’t it just too cute for words?

4709emy page…


many thanks to all the ladies who contributed & esp. jessica for this wonderfully patriotic keepsake! 


enjoy & be safe this glorious day! xoxo mary ann

TEA 4 u

want a chance to win a copy (there are THREE extra copies!)?  then say so in this post & leave your name & contact info to sign-up.  drawing ends sunday, july 5th at midnite cst.  bonne chance!

xoxo mary ann

new itty bitty swap, sign-ups going on now!

new itty bitty swap, sign-ups going on now!, originally uploaded by mainer at heart06.

we’re having 1 of 2 summertime specials in the flickr itty bitty book club . sign-ups are going on now & will end until 30 max participants are reached.  full details are posted in the flickr group.

i’m still working on creating a badge for the 2nd summertime special.  the theme for this one will be: FAIRYTALE/FAVE CHILDREN’S STORY.  details to follow once i have the badge done.

this is a limited time offer…join now for FREE.

itty bitty (birthday) winners!

according to, this is how things played out with the itty bitty vintage birthday book giveaways : 

Here is your sequence:








Timestamp: 2009-04-14 01:33:10 UTC

there were 7 names total & here are the three lucky peeps who picked!:

#5 is  JANella!!!!!

#1 is  Bev B. !!!

& #3 is Caitlin !!!

Congratulations ladies!!!  you are the lucky three!!!

could you please email me @ at your earliest convenience with your full name & mailing address.  as soon as i hear back from you, your itty bitty prizes will be on its way to you!!!

many thanks to everyone who played!  🙂

PLS stayed tuned!  i just finished another series of itty bitty books, this one, GREEN,  & there are extras of this book as well.  so plan on seeing another itty bitty giveaway very, very soon!! 🙂

oh no, it’s nitey-nite for me unfortunately.  it’s back to the daily grind at the schools starting tomorrow.  my spring break is officially over. 😦


but have a fantastic week though!

xoxo mary ann

springy goodness

even though it is supposed to SNOW (omg!) later this afternoon, i am still going to THINK SPRING!

i’m nearly ready to close out the itty bitty spring book swap in the ning group.  i’m in the process of stuffing & labelling packages still.  i hope to get the books out to the gals who participated in this sweet book collab very very soon.  this time around, there was a higher than usual drop-out rate, so i took it upon myself to make up some extra pages.  it was a bit frustrating to say the least, but i am glad i did it because the book turned out nice (& fat)! 🙂


my sis & i are hosting a giveaway in the ning group to show our deep appreciation for all the wonderful creative souls who are in the group.  rather than rehash stuff, pls. read all about our “member appreciation giveaway” here.

while we are on the subject of spring, i participated in dionne‘s sweet birdcage   don’t you just love her illio?  i do…that’s how i got into her swap.  her wicked cute badge sucked drew me in, hehehe. 🙂 i told my sis about it & she joined in as well.

anyway, dionne partnered me with kris , who is a chocolatier (what a yummy job!) & this is the lovely parcel she sent me:    fromkrise5

the chocolates she sent me were scrump-tilly-icious!!!!!!!!  can i say yumm-O?!  i usually stick to my dove dark chocolates when it comes to chocolates…but these specialty ones were da bomb, hehehe.  i thought those cute pastel eggs were those jordan almonds.  man, was i fooled.  i was bracing myself for the ” hard bite” & then was delightfully surprised that it was a creamy, minty choc instead.  oooh yeah!  also, i love the bits of bling she so generously sent my way.  wow, how did she know that i wear silver jewelry & that i heart butterflies??!  thank you thank you thank you kris for everything!! xoxo

here’s a sneak peek for you kris (tee-hee)…forkrise1

i sent this parcel post a few days ago…i hope it reaches you soon & in one piece!  aaaaand i hope you will be delighted as i was in putting it all together especially for you!!!

ok, enough chatting about on the bloggy.  i’ve got some other arty wips to get crack-a-lacking on as well as make a grocery store  run before the big storm hits! 

until next time, have a super weekend &  THINK SPRING!

xoxo mary ann

layers of luv


as tedious as creating this badge was on my pse, i am amazed at how it turned out!  it took me some 50 layers to create this badge for the new itty bitty book swap i’m hosting in my ning group

the other night, last tuesday, as a matter of fact, i forced myself to go to my computer class in that gawd-awful typhoon-like downpour.  & i am so glad that i did because my instructor talked at length about LAYERS.  omg. i sure learned a bunch of kewl tricks.  that john, he is a clever one!

today, when i got home afterschool, i set to work on this badge.  it took me quite a long time to get this badge looking this way.  i got a taste of what it must be like for web and graphic designers who do this sort of thing on a daily basis.  this digital manipulating thing  is wicked time-consuming!  seriously.

but still, i am loving all this digi-stuff.  i can’t get enough of it.  me, the self-professed non-techie, is now totally embracing all things digital.  i can hardly believe myself.  & i find as i practice, i get more & more hooked.   it is unbelievably addicting.  i just wish there were more hours in the day for me to play.  my head is whirling with all sorts of fun ideas. 

{sigh} i am finally going to submit to my exhaustion & call it a night.  i wish i had the energy right now to keep at it, but the body, oh how it is weary.  i still have a bunch of wips awaiting completion…ughhh, they will all have to wait until the morning, i’m afraid (the story of my life!)…

sometimes multi-tasking can be a gift.  & sometimes, a hindrance.  lately for me it seems the latter.