bibingka and other foodie business


i woke up this morning thinking about this…  it brings many happy, fond memories.  my mother makes the best, then my sis jo & i have been known to make it pretty nicely too.   i was wracking my brain for the recipe… i believe i have all the ingredients to make a batch… i know i have my mom’s recipe somewhere.  but aaack, just can’t find it.  so i googled for the recipes.  a ton of different versions of this quintessential filipino cake popped up & i searched and searched until i found one (aka see above link) that closely resembled my mom’s version.  my mom’s version is simple but oh so delectable.  no lie.  i ❤ this cake.  🙂

i think i will whip up a batch using the above recipe just to make sure that it tastes like my mom’s, hehehe. 🙂 

& if it works out, then i will make another batch & send it to my mom… her birthday is coming up (shhh, don’t tell!) & i know that my mom (& my dad too) will LOVE getting this surprise 🙂

next to making art, cooking has become another passion these days.  idk how i became a “foodie” all of a sudden, hehehe… but i’ve been totally diggin’ cooking things from scratch lately…PLUS  also using the freshest ingredients where at all possible. 

speaking of which, “cooking fresh” also makes me want to grow my own food this gardening season!  i used to when we lived in maine… i tried in vain to replicate my old veg and herb garden beds when we first moved here.  but i soon got discouraged because of the very rude & quite brazen deer population that also reside out here in the wooded boonies. 😦 

 the deer around here simply have no respect and  have treated my garden beds in those early days like their own personal smorgasbord.  i couldn’t plant or grow anything without seeing nibbled remains of plants, shrubs and trees!  once one fall weekend,  i planted about 200 tulip bulbs in the front yard, envisioning a glorious spring display…but instead, i found a field of bitten off tulip heads come that following spring!  OMG, was i ever so pissed.  you. have. no. idea.    the deer have been so CHEEKY that in the last few years, i sorta just threw up my hands & gave up on trying to grow our own food like i had before in maine.  i was going to be damned before i grew a whole crop of veggies just exclusively for the entire deer population!!!!

last summer, i had frequented a number of various farmer’s markets in the area… so much so,  that a part of me felt a bit sad (& rather mad) that i had to buy other peeps’ food when i knew full well that i could grow my own tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, potatoes, lettuce, carrots, fresh herbs, etc, etc if it weren’t for those gosh-darned DEER!  when we lived in maine, i never had the deer problem there as  i do here.  OMG.  we had a virtual grocery store in our back yard when we lived in maine.  homegrown gardens were the norm where we had lived.  i SO miss that.

this year, however, especially after receiving countless seed and garden catalogues, i am determined to grow our own food again.  but this time, i think i will grow them in containers & place them all on the huge back deck.  i figure that at the very least, those darn DEER could not possibly get into the second floor deck!!!  the sun exposure is westerly so that should be plenty enough to grow a small crop of assorted veg, herbs and of course flowers.  you gotta have flowers to pretty up the joint and bring the bees and hummingbirds by 🙂

so that’s what i’m plotting… literally and figuratively. as soon as the weather warms and i can work in my garden, i plan to clean up  my lower garden beds and then i think – NO! i must! – plant some thorny (make that EXTRA thorny!) rose bushes and other deer repellent plants and shrubs.  ha!  take that you pesky DEER!!    who knew that i was going to have this on-going WAR with the DEER (aka “the enemy”)? 

as for my plan of ATTACK, so to speak, the upper back deck, which btw runs the entire span of the house, i will start planning my container garden. that is where i will basically grow our food. hopefully, this plan will work.  i cannot wait to get my hands in the dirt and play!  back in the good ol’, deer-free days, i was (& will be again!) a voracious gardener.  i am looking forward to getting back into gardening saddle again.  it’s been too long.  & back to self-sustenance & reliance is what i say!


oh yes, nearly forgot… last 2/26 was my BLOGOVERSARY.  i totally FORGOT…oopsie!  it’s been SIX years -OMG- since i started art blogging.  oh well, no biggie… LIFE happens and i have had a lot going on these days.  well, happy belated blogoversary to me then, hehehe 🙂

i’ve said what i’ve wanted to say today… so now, BIBINGKA time!  gotta get crack-a-lacking…if you have never had it… idk what to say other than that you are in for a real treat if you can try it. 🙂

you won’t be disappointed.  trust me on that one!

xoxo mary ann

(ps., pardon all the 🙂 …today is one of those rare days that i am actually not feeling stressed, like i usually am… i think it’s because i’m at home & not at school!!!)


sweet scent of summer






freshly picked from my garden…bringing the sweet scent of summer in.

my summer plans




myjrnl 001a3

myjrnl 001a4 copy

myjrnl 002a5_edited-1

myjrnl 002a6 copy

myjrnl 003a7_edited-1

myjrnl 003a8copy

myjrnl 004a9_edited-1

myjrnl 004a10 copy

myjrnl 005a11_edited-1

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what i’ve been up to these first days of summah vaykay


it feels sooooooo good to be at home, doing my own thing on my own time & creating stuff in my jammies pretty near all day! 🙂  that’s how my summah vaykay is shaping up & i am LOVIN it! 🙂

my summah “uniform”, hehehe: apron & jammies!inpjs2


this month’s spc is SHOES…here’s me in my super comfy slippers, which i found not too long ago on my thrifting jaunts for a mere 49 cents. 


don’t i look like one happy camper?!  you betcha!! 🙂


i just finished this massive swap wip, the sweet sentiments tag book swap that i hosted here


ssts4my days lately are spent cutting, pasting, embellishing, stamping, glittering…  






(a baby shower card i made for a group of teacher friends to sign & give to a mutual teacher pal) 


(my itty bitty summer book wip that i started…)


pretty much creating with abandon. & i am not even complaining!  hehehe…didn’t someone famous say that if you are having fun & enjoying what you do, then it is not work?  well, that’ how i feel these days.


i’m planning to use these sweet fabric scraps that i got recently from here in my other tag book swap, christmas in july (which btw there are 6 spots left before we HAVE reached our 20 participant max as of 6/18/09). 


have you seen dear lisa‘s piddlestix zine?  i’ve been meaning to mention this…she did a lil write-up about the itty bitty book club.  thank you so much lisa for the plug!  xoxo


speaking of itty bitty books, i’ve also been working on the itty bitty vintage tea cup books.  they were due last wednesday, june 10th.  there are a couple fo teacup pages still outstanding, but it’s just as well, beacuse i’ve got my hands pretty full these days (not complaining, mind you.  just saying…)


from what i can tell, these books are going to be A*M*A*Z*I*N*G!


oh yes, i finally got around to taking pix of those large-ish finds that i snapped up in last month’s antique flea opener here>>>


they’ve been sitting in the garage…i’ve already found homes for them, yay!ff61209b

this went on the front porch…


this sweet tier went into our guestroom/office (which i currently am re-doing…pix to follow)…


the white whicker shelf went to my lil shop at the antique barn, while the wood trim are awaiting alteration in the studio…


the pale sagey green moulding will be mounted on our bedroom wall, hopefully soon…

i haven’t just been homebound entirely my 1st days of summer vacation…i did venture out to go to my yoga class & then to the farmer’s market another day…


this is my fave barn, which is not far from the house.  i pass this barn every time i make my way to my yoga class.  it is on a back road that i take & seeing it always makes me smile.  i just love all those windows…i’m thinking, wouldn’t that make an amazing studio space or what.  but cows live in there.  pretty fancy digs if you asked me!

go1 aren’t the clouds & blue sky so quintessentially SUMMER? 


after my yoga class, i went to a local resale shop & boy, was i ever glad that i stopped in.  i found some wicked good deals & look at all this stuff i snatched up for under $25!!










i especially love this vintage ribbon (in my color palette too!), it was only 75 cents!  i bet there are  75 yards of it or maybe more on this roll.  sah-weet!  so many possibilities…


i also found these sweet martha stewart napkins that i thought i could use for paper whimsy‘s altered napkin tag swap.  i’ve got to get to this wip soon as they are due 6/20…eek!

last saturday, i went to the farmer’s market & bought some cut flowers. 



they just looked like summer to me.  i actually have these same flowers, daisies, cornflower & sweet williams, but they are still coming up…they haven’t yet bloomed in my garden.  idk what’s taking them so long…

anyway, i stopped by my friend cj‘s shop, annabelle’s.


i spotted this wicked darlin’ birdie tuteur.  you know me & birdies…i am such a softie, hehehe.  i thought it would come in handy next time i am doing an art fair.  i can use this to hang tags, small packages or even some handmade jewelry.  plus it makes a nice decorative statement.     


after the farmer’s market, i scooted down the road to the stateline flea market.  i found some sweet things…



i thought with these spools of patriotic ribbon, i could fashion some badges & bows. 


another weakness of mine…vintage buttons!  i snap them up whenever i can, esp. if they are a good price as these were.  they reminded me of these lil flags i found hidden in the coat closet.  pretty soon, i will be decorating the fron porch with these.

fmfj aren’t these too cute for words?  i found them at my local scrap n stamp store.   fmfg

& these, i found herefmfh

they sure will come in handy for those teacup books! 🙂


yep, that’s how it’s been so far.  & i wouldn’t have it any other way!

flea bitten garden hoe

ayuh, that’s me alright, hehehe. 🙂 pretty much sums up my weekend.  i put together this slideshow to share peeks into my garden, yesterday’s flea market adventure & my latest finds.  so sit back, relax & enjoy the show!

 have a fantastic week! xoxo mary ann

summer lovin’

how does your garden grow?

the sun has finally graced us with its presence after several days of rain.  my garden needs major tending, so i will be spending quite a bit of time there.  i also have been working on a few arty wips that i hope to share soon.  until then, have a splendid week!

xoxo mary ann