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OWOH winners and sad farewell

(a digi-collage that i made a while ago for a challenge in a flickr group i’m in)

sorry for the huge delay but it’s been a ROUGH week  both at school and at home. 

(this snap was taken in spring 2008)

my hub & i have made the very painful decision to put down our beloved TJ.  he is our “patriarch” of our kitty tribe.  He is 18 years old and for feline years, that is pretty old.   and for the past year or two,  we have seen TJ deteriorate.   it’s been tortuous to see our TJ, who was once a big, strong, bear of a cat, become so weak, frail and senile.  we have put down two beloved cats before and both the hub & i have decided “no heoric measures”…TJ has lost his appetite, lost so much weight, barely gets out of his cat bed and sleeps all the time, and he even has stopped purring.  the last week has been brutal trying to put off the inevitable… the vet will be paying us a housecall (as we want to spare TJ any further trauma with taking him in the pet carrier & go for a bumpy car ride to the vet’s)  this weekend and we’re both a wreck over this whole business.  but we have to keep telling ourselves that  we are doing the right thing for TJ, and that he has had a beautiful, full life with us and the other cats and that he won’t be suffering any longer.   TJ has to know that he has received unconditional love from us and that he gave us his, plus so much joy & more as well.   

while i still have the composure, i thought i’d better announce the winners of the OWOH giveaway NOW… because LORD knows, i will not be any shape soon…

sorry that i had to combine a happy event like OWOH with the extreme sadness that is happening with us right now, but i am forcing myself to do this because i don’t want to disappoint anybody or keep anyone waiting…

so without further ado, here are the randomly picked winners:

#1.  micki butler, #33, wins the secret garden itty bitty book.

#2.  carmen, #110, wins the atc block.

#3. gale varland, #58, wins the 4×4 mixed media canvas.

#4. pat, #6, wins recipe book w/ polka dots.

#5.  sylvia smiser, #48, wins the recipe book w/ wavy stripes.

#6.  holly j., #88, wins the set of magnets.

#7. michelle remy, #78, wins the set of pin-back buttons.

#8.  gracie, #54, wins the crotcheted cuff.

#9.  wendy w., #90, wins the owl brooch.

and last but not least,

#10.  carolyn knight, #66, wins the handbound mini-zine book.

CONGRANTULATIONS you lucky winners!!  i sincerely hope you will enjoy your goodies 🙂

and many thanks to lisa swifka for organizing and hosting OWOH as well as EVERYONE who has kindly dropped by and visited my humble blog!!! xoxo

to the 10 lucky winners:  i will be in touch shortly via your blog or private email to notify you that you have won!  i will need to get your particulars, so if you would kindly drop me an email of your full name & address to follow_your_bliss07@hotmail.com that would be greatly appreciated!   i will plan to mail out your goodies tuesday 2/22 (as 2/21/11 is a holiday and so no mail service)… 

to everyone else, have a good day and please send us some wishes of  peace, healing and strength.

thank you for your patience and kind understanding,  mary ann xoxo


are you in?

this is an excerpt of a newsletter that i get from life coach extraodinare, cheryl richdardson… i thought it was worth reposting on the blog, especially as it pertains to valentine’s day 🙂


(& btw, i am so in!! 🙂 )

Topic of the Week :Valentine Love

 Earlier this week, a Facebook pal, Karen, shared a great idea with me on my Facebook Page. She wrote, “I’ll be spending the day on Monday giving Valentine’s Day cards to strangers with hand-written messages and affirmations (some I borrowed from you!), telling them they matter and are loved.” Karen invited me to join her (I’m in!) and this week I’m passing her invitation on to you. How about making this whole week a celebration of love?

Remember the little packages of Valentine’s you used to get as a kid? The ones you’d fill out and bring to school? Well, go out some time today, pick up a package or two, open it up, and write the words “You are loved!” on each card (and any additional message you feel inclined to share). Then, put each Valentine in an envelope, draw a heart on the outside, and put them in your purse, in your car, or in your briefcase, and get ready for fun!

Throughout the day, you can leave a Valentine on the windshield of a car, in the shopping cart of a stranger at the grocery store, on the desk of someone at work, in a book at the bookstore, or on a table in your local coffee shop. Each time you leave one, silently bless the person with love, and keep going until all of your Valentine’s have been given away. I can’t wait to get started and I hope you’ll join me.

We have so many people in our global community who will do this, that I’m sure we’re bound to create a groundswell of love. Who knows, maybe we’ll tip the scales and suddenly inspire world peace? Now that’s an intention I can wrap my arms around !

 Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!

blessings to you

artful mischief, tee hee


just got back from spending a weekend full of  traveling (i.e., driving!), painting & overall,  mischief-making with my dear soul sista, lia (aka “artjunk grrl).  we have been getting together like this for the past 3 years now.  this year i thought it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to just drive to her house (instead of the usual flying)…but i didn’t figure on driving thru the allegheny mountains in PA!  omg, that was sheer treachery, esp. in the flippin’ rain!

anyway, i thankfully made it safely to her place & even tho i was exhuasted as all get out, we managed to draw & paint our little hearts out.  lia’s hub was such a dear…he took care of their girls & got dinner & drinks for us, so that we could focus on our art projects.  i showed lia how i learned how to draw a face as well as how to make her own flesh-colored paints, tips & tricks that i learned when i took sweet misty’s class as the wonderful valley ridge art studio.  we even called misty too during our little retreat. she was as sweet & gracious as ever.

lnmwkend1  i also got to meet lia’s newest addition, rella…their omigosh, too-cute-for-words bischon-poodle mix.  she is a such a baby doll, at only 12 weeks old.  i miss her sweet, playfulness already! 🙂

oh & yeah, it was hard leaving LIA!!!!!!  why can’t we freakin’ live near each other?   it was a blast, short, tho sweet as it was.  i can’t wait for next year when we get to do it all again! 

after i left lia, i told my hub that i would stop by arlington national cemetary to go visit the late senator + his famous bros’ gravesites.  i would have gone with lia, but it was raining & i really didn’t want to make lia take me there with  it being all rainy & cold.  on the way to arlington, i passed by my old stomping grounds off key bridge.  i decided to take a quick detour to the old hood & take some video snippets for the dh to see.  it is so weird being there again, after all this time.  it smelled the same & a flood memories rushed back as i walked around the g.u. campus.  time may have gone by & the people may have too, but the ol’ hood still looks the same!  man, talk about walking down memory lane.  it was as if i were a student there again.  it really felt like it was those few minutes i was there.  i hope the vid came out ok…i will try & see if i can post to my you tube soon.

alright, i have so many things i need to get done today.  i had to switch days with my schedule at school.  thank goodness i did because i wouldn’t be able to function, hehehe.

until next time, have a wonderful week!  xoxo mary ann

summer pix highlights

i spent a good portion of my morning creating  a bunch of photo collages of our summer.  i can’t believe that for me, my summer vaykay is coming to an end…next week, (yes, already!) i return to work at the preschool.  thankfully, it’s only one school this year. i learned that taking on two different school districts was just too much stress! 

with the return of my school schedule,  i am hoping that i will be more diligent about upping my artwork productivity.  my online shops are in major need of an overhaul & i didn’t do much about that as i took a break this summer from that (among other things)…but hopefully things will be different when i get back on a more structured work schedule.   i have been keeping a mental list of things i need to get done to revamp my shops.  i hope starting back to school will force me to refocus & be sure to schedule in studio time on my days not at school.   

ok enough chit chatter,  sit back & relax, i’ve got a ton of collages coming at ya…enjoy & have a super week! xo mary ann
























my summer plans




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myjrnl 001a4 copy

myjrnl 002a5_edited-1

myjrnl 002a6 copy

myjrnl 003a7_edited-1

myjrnl 003a8copy

myjrnl 004a9_edited-1

myjrnl 004a10 copy

myjrnl 005a11_edited-1

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