fancy an itty bitty book swap?

just posted sign-ups in our little group on facebook.  if  you are so inclined & would like to join in on this fun book collaborative, please give me a shout out here & i’ll fill you in on the whole itty bitty scoop.  having a facebook account, while not entirely essential, would be a plus, as our group there is private and by invitation only.  we have had, however, peeps join in on the fun who aren’t on facebook… we just touch base via email.  that has worked out just fine in the past.  please do think about it…sign-ups end april 24, 2011.  mail-by deadline is july 8, 2011.  have a super sunday! 🙂


one last ode to winter & then bring on spring!

  a lil book collaborative that i hosted in the facebook group.  the theme, as you can see, is MITTEN.  i mailed out the books a couple of days ago and hopefully they have all reached their intended recipients safely.  it was another fun book.  🙂

showing your true colors

“I’m nobody! Who are you?”

I’m nobody!

Who are you?

Are you nobody, too?

 Then there’s a pair of us — don’t tell!

 They’d banish us, you know.


 How dreary to be somebody!

How public, like a frog

To tell your name

the livelong day

 To an admiring bog!

~emily dickinson


remember the days when life was oh so much simpler?  no cell phones, texting, apps, blogs or nings?

can i have those days back? please?!  the fast-paced technology constantly bombarding us these days is just a bit too much for my liking.

i had to delete my beloved follow your bliss ning group the other day.  it was very upsetting but things were getting out of hand in there & frankly, i did not like the direction my group was going.  to my chagrin,  my original vision for the ning started to get distorted & then misunderstandings occurred….it was all too much to bear.  it’s been a month since we buried our loved ones & i was starting to get back to some semblance of normality when crap started to hit the fan in the ning group.  i just didn’t need anymore undue stress, so i deleted my ning group because i needed to eliminate the negativity AND keep my follow your bliss vision intact. 

then i plan to delete the itty bitty book club on flickr.  one of the (ahem, former) ning members is currently hosting a swap so i will wait (& everyone’s been forewarned).  then after the vintage circus book swap is completed, the flickr group will cease to exist. poof, it will be gone!  it has to be done.  i need to make a clean break of the negativity that’s been brewing so that i can one day, when things quiet down & the time is right, start afresh with a new, yet even more “exclusive” group.  gone are the days of  “free-for-all”…there are just too many rotten eggs that come in that basket.  if/when i regroup in another format, people will be more or less, “hand-picked”.  it really is no fun to have fair-weathered (or worser yet, free-loaders!) peeps in a gathering that is supposed to be devoted to supportive, creative souls. 

 i need a break from online art groups right now.  i am exhausted: mentally, physically and  financially.  if anyone out there has ever organized a large group swap, then you know all too well how much work, effort, time & not to mention, out of pocket $$$ are involved.  sadly there are more people out there, it seems, who are looking for FREE things and don’t give an “f” how much work/expense it is to host/organize a swap.  well, from here on out, the buck stops here.  enough is enough.  no more freebies.  (pls. note, i am referring to those peeps who always want things for FREE, not those kind souls who are very appreciative & understanding of all the tremendous work that goes into swaps)…

along those same lines…

i don’t know about you, but i am growing tired of how the online community, in general, is behaving these days.  if it’s not constant, shameless self-promotion of one’s blog/site/products, then it’s blatant copying of other’s ideas/work/etc, which for me, is greatly off-putting.  seriously.  blogging/online social networking is not what used to be when i first started out nearly 4 yrs ago.  & that’s pretty much why i’ve not been blogging/tweeting/facebooking much.  i just cannot stomach what i sense is going on these days.  it’s such a shame, really.  i can remember when everyone was a “nobody” like in the emily dickinson poem (one of my favorite ones, btw).  seems like now, everyone wants to be a “somebody”. 

well, they can have it.  i’d rather be a nobody.  & i’d be damn proud of it to.

we have a SUMMER winner!


i apologize for the delay…it’s been nutty since we got back from vacation a couple of weeks ago…

but without further delay, the LUCKY WINNER of the summer itty bitty book is>>>


many thanks to everyone who played both here on the bloggy & in the flickr group!

i have so much catching up to do on the bloggy …i will be back…tons of pix to upload from my digicam…

in the meantime, have a super weekend!! xoxo mary ann

SUMMER giveaway!

yes, another giveaway…well, what can i say? lol

there is ONE extra book due to someone dropping out…

if you would likey, then pls. say so here.  i will only draw names with contact info.  drawing ends at midnite cst on  7/31/09, after which one lucky winner will be randomly chosen from 

this is one lil itty bitty FAT book you don’t want to miss!

good luck!


xo mary ann

tcup winners!

3388983367_d85b7f292aare you ready for this? i combined the names from the fyb ning, my blog & flickr (in that order) & got some winners!!! yay!

the lucky names that picked are:

1.camille s. (from blog)
2. donna h. (from flickr)
3. malin w. (from flickr)


i believe i have your mailing info…i will send out sometime before we leave for vacation (7/11).

many thanks to all of you who played!!!
hope you are having a grand summer!

have a super day!

xo mary ann