one last ode to winter & then bring on spring!

  a lil book collaborative that i hosted in the facebook group.  the theme, as you can see, is MITTEN.  i mailed out the books a couple of days ago and hopefully they have all reached their intended recipients safely.  it was another fun book.  🙂


3 Responses

  1. What a cute book! Nice to end winter on a positive note (now, come on, Spring, get your a** in gear and show up).

  2. congrats! YOU are my giveaway winner!
    could you email me w/your mailing address?!

  3. You need to check out this blog:

    Helen Dujardin is the macaron guru! Look in the right sidebar of her blog Tarlett for the macaron tutorial. I purchased a book a couple of years ago and none of the recipes worked. With personal input from Helen and the invaluable resource of her blog, you can make perfect (parfait) macarons!!

    By the way, they are very fragile. The cookie is actually actually made from meringue. I can’t believe they ship these things and they don’t get damaged. They are supposed to taste best after a day or so, so freshness is not an issue but you definitely want them to look pretty.

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