OWOH winners and sad farewell

(a digi-collage that i made a while ago for a challenge in a flickr group i’m in)

sorry for the huge delay but it’s been a ROUGH week  both at school and at home. 

(this snap was taken in spring 2008)

my hub & i have made the very painful decision to put down our beloved TJ.  he is our “patriarch” of our kitty tribe.  He is 18 years old and for feline years, that is pretty old.   and for the past year or two,  we have seen TJ deteriorate.   it’s been tortuous to see our TJ, who was once a big, strong, bear of a cat, become so weak, frail and senile.  we have put down two beloved cats before and both the hub & i have decided “no heoric measures”…TJ has lost his appetite, lost so much weight, barely gets out of his cat bed and sleeps all the time, and he even has stopped purring.  the last week has been brutal trying to put off the inevitable… the vet will be paying us a housecall (as we want to spare TJ any further trauma with taking him in the pet carrier & go for a bumpy car ride to the vet’s)  this weekend and we’re both a wreck over this whole business.  but we have to keep telling ourselves that  we are doing the right thing for TJ, and that he has had a beautiful, full life with us and the other cats and that he won’t be suffering any longer.   TJ has to know that he has received unconditional love from us and that he gave us his, plus so much joy & more as well.   

while i still have the composure, i thought i’d better announce the winners of the OWOH giveaway NOW… because LORD knows, i will not be any shape soon…

sorry that i had to combine a happy event like OWOH with the extreme sadness that is happening with us right now, but i am forcing myself to do this because i don’t want to disappoint anybody or keep anyone waiting…

so without further ado, here are the randomly picked winners:

#1.  micki butler, #33, wins the secret garden itty bitty book.

#2.  carmen, #110, wins the atc block.

#3. gale varland, #58, wins the 4×4 mixed media canvas.

#4. pat, #6, wins recipe book w/ polka dots.

#5.  sylvia smiser, #48, wins the recipe book w/ wavy stripes.

#6.  holly j., #88, wins the set of magnets.

#7. michelle remy, #78, wins the set of pin-back buttons.

#8.  gracie, #54, wins the crotcheted cuff.

#9.  wendy w., #90, wins the owl brooch.

and last but not least,

#10.  carolyn knight, #66, wins the handbound mini-zine book.

CONGRANTULATIONS you lucky winners!!  i sincerely hope you will enjoy your goodies 🙂

and many thanks to lisa swifka for organizing and hosting OWOH as well as EVERYONE who has kindly dropped by and visited my humble blog!!! xoxo

to the 10 lucky winners:  i will be in touch shortly via your blog or private email to notify you that you have won!  i will need to get your particulars, so if you would kindly drop me an email of your full name & address to follow_your_bliss07@hotmail.com that would be greatly appreciated!   i will plan to mail out your goodies tuesday 2/22 (as 2/21/11 is a holiday and so no mail service)… 

to everyone else, have a good day and please send us some wishes of  peace, healing and strength.

thank you for your patience and kind understanding,  mary ann xoxo



8 Responses

  1. Oh no, oh I’m so sorry to read this Mary Ann. I know how you feel, I’ve also lost two cats. One was 14 and it was when I was a teen of the same age, she was literally my best friend in the world. And one in recent years was also around 14 so, I know it’s no comfort at all but TJ has had a good innings as they say and I bet he couldn’t have been more loved.

    I hope you and hubby are OK. Will be thinking of you this week.

    Thank you for still thinking of OWOH while going through this and for picking my name, I truly loved that art block and will treasure it 🙂 Don’t rush at all in your sending – I’m not going anywhere.

  2. I am so shocked and pleased. That is the prize that I wanted. Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Mary Ann
    I know how hard it is to say goodbye to a beloved cat as we had to do the same a few years ago to our 18 year old cat, Pepper, who had cancer 😦
    It broke my daughter’s heart as he was her first cat and they grew up together. We all realized at the time that Pepper was suffering and we had to honor his long and wonderful life by making his end as easy and pain free as possible, so we knew it was the right thing to do. He will always hold a special place in our heart as I’m sure TJ will for you.

    I’m thrilled to win your recipe book! I love collecting recipes and this will be a wonderful place to record special ones! I’m e-mailing my address to you. Thanks so much! It was so nice to find your blog through OWOH!

    Hugs, Pat

  4. I am so sorry that you have to put your cat down. I remember when we put my childhood dog down…it was so sad. Now I have two dogs, and the one is older. I cringe when we go to the vet. Praying for you right now.

  5. Hugs and kisses to you. I know it wasn’t an easy decision.
    Congrats to your winners. Lisa Swifka is a friend of mine and I was lucky to have spent a week with her in Sedona AZ a few years ago.

  6. Thank you Mary Ann!! I already sent you an email . By the way, I know exactly how you feel… I have lost many cats for different reasons and every time is a real pain in heart. Maybe I’m a little silly but I believe that some day I will see them in heaven, hehehe. That make me smile when I remember them with love.

  7. I got your Cute little mini-azine. Ii
    T is amazing how much of it seems. To e written especially for me. Thanks again….lucky me.

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