happy chinese new year

they say the year of the hare (or if you prefer, rabbit) is supposed to be better, less tenacious than last year, which was the year of the tiger…

well, i hope that is true because i can do without the drama and chaos of 2010!  omg!!

also, i hope that we won’t be experiencing anymore monster blizzards anytime soon, like the one that just happened a couple of days ago!  it was nuts n bolts here &  whenever we get hit with some sort of storm, our internet and cell phone reception tank & we are lucky if we can get online or don’t drop a call!  whew, things are starting to go back to usual… well, not counting the frigid temps.  that we could def do without.  

i have to go into work tomorrow, as i wasn’t able to do earlier in the week on account of the blizzard…  i hope it will be a good day, free of stress and drama.  just like the folks say who come up with the chinese new year stuff 🙂 

wow! btw for all the lovely words people have left on my OWOH post below.  now that the blizzard business is behind us, i’ll be able to access the internet more readily and will def make a point to return your kindness by visiting your blogs this weekend. 🙂

alright, it’s a school night… thought i’d post the illio above that i did, which i then added some digital doodads … the chinese symbol supposedly means LOVE.  i hope that is true!  wouldn’t want to offend anybody…

have a good night! xoxo mary ann


2 Responses

  1. I choose to look at the year of the hare optimistically ~ I was very happy to see the tail end of 2010 (although it brought many good things, such as sharing a lemon souffle with you in Chicago). It will also be good to see the tail end of this winter. Good luck to all of us!

  2. hi mary ann,
    so fab ur post. i just love seeing what u are up to

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