owoh… final year

a few years back i had participated… i believe in 2008 and 2009…  it was such an amazing blog event both times i participated.  i recently learned that OWOH  is going to happen again this year (jan 30-feb 17), but that it will be the fifth & final year.  yes, sometimes good things do come to an end…

basically, what this is, if you don’t already know, is a virtual lovefest, hehehe, here in bloggyland where bloggers from all over the world share their heART and  giveaway wonderful pieces of art, handcrafted creations, books and/or other fun artful what-nots to one or more randomly chosen winners.  OWOH participants are supposed to be active bloggers and that is what lisa, the lovely organizer/creator of OWOH, prefers this event to be— for bloggers only.    

i missed out last year, unfortuately, due to some sad family circumstances that involved the passing of two beloved family members…  since this will be the final hurrah, so to speak, for OWOH, i thought, what the heck… let’s have a ❤ and do it!  so this year i will participate, yay 🙂

 i always like to spread the creative wealth, connect with artful, creative kindred souls and totally am for passing on positive karma whenever at all possible 🙂

so come by jan 30th & check out what i will be giving away… like the other times before, i will likely have a few things posted.  until then, have a super weekend! xoxo mary ann 

(oh yes, ps:  i want to give a thank you shout out to wendy & tabitha for the sweet comments they each have left on my past posts… sorry i haven’t been on top of responding… but please know that i appreciate you & anyone else who take the time to visit here & drop a note or two!  merci beaucoup xoxoxoxo)


2 Responses

  1. awww…the last year? great you’re participating…you’re gonna have sweet goodies…i’ll be back for more…xoxo

  2. […] & it is from the doctor who series, specifically, the tenth doctor…)as  i mentioned in last post, i decided to participate as it is after all  the last chance to partake in this wonderful blog […]

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