to my dear beautiful sis and brother-in-law…

my private speech practice is picking up now that school is back into full swing.  & yesterday i met for the first time the principals of the 3 buildings i will be working in this year & i totally forgot to wish my sissy jo wedding anniversary greetings (& we talked on the phone too!!)! aaaack…i feel like an complete idiot.


anyhoo, i made this photo collage to hopefully redeem myself with them…it was so unintentional. seriously….

 i was her maid of honor at their wedding & it was one of the most beautifulweddings that i ever had the pleasure to stand up in. aren’t they a gorgeous couple? (omg, their two kids now are even more gorgeous!) we can’t wait to par-tay very soon & hey, since we’ll be all together, we can do a combo anniversary celebration…yay (theirs & ours, which if you may recall was last week)! woot, we can’t wait! 🙂
xoxo reya & joe

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