calling all yogis & yoginis!

#practice 365: A year of free yoga awaits.

how wicked cool is this?  is offering this incredible offer.  who wouldn’t want a free yoga @ any studio for a whole year?!!  omg, sign me up!!! 🙂  i found out though, from a canadian pal, that it is only good in the USA.  awww, doesn’t seem fair…but, that’s the deal.

i discovered this really nice yoga place (bliss flow yoga studio) not too, too far from me & it would be so awesome to go there for free!  i love that place.  i’ve been going there after my knee healed up this summer & i’ve really noticed improvements in my yoga practice & in me (mind, body & spirit). the folks there are friendly & nice.  & they offer a nice variety of classes to choose from.  i never thought i would be so into power yoga (a rather intense ashtanga type practice), but omg, i love it!  i feel so incredibly strong after a power class.  yes, they have other classes too that are not as fast-paced, but are equally intense, if not more because of the longer time to stay in a given yoga pose. 

i ❤ yoga, can you tell?!  hehehe…it is something that i know is good for me, inside & out.  that’s why i keep doing it.  idk what i’d do w/o having yoga in my life.


perish the thought!



xoxo mary ann 


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  1. hi maryann,
    good to see ur blogging again. cant wait to see ur lovely atcs!!!

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