where were you when this horror of horror days went down?

i was at home, sick with the flu.  we were living in maine at the time.  the dh had gone to work earlier that morning. i remember it being a beautiful sunny day.  i was resting in bed, listening to the radio morning show when they mentioned something about a plane crashing into a skyscraper.  at first they thought it was a joke, made up footage.  but then, a second plane was said to approach another building & they quickly realized it was no joke!  i remember running to the living room & flipping the tv on.  there, i saw the plane collide into the twin tower.  i couldn’t believe my eyes.  i was horrified & felt sicker than i already was!  i called my dh soonafter & told him what had happened.  he was in utter disbelief.  i think i may have called my sister.  it was a crazy day…we were glued to the tv for days after.  i remember panicking that there would be more terrorist attacks happening all over the us.  i couldn’t watch the families who lost loved ones…that made me so incredibly sad.  i also could not listen to the cell phone calls of those passengers who called their loved ones before their planes went down….so gut-wrenching and heartbreaking!!!  

yeah, the events of 9/11 have been deeply etched in the minds of so many.  that day’s shockwaves still reverberate even after all these years.  may God continue to bless those who are gone & those who still mourn.


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