looking to expand your collection of ATCs? then read on…

i can hardly believe that i am doing this, after having  just completed hosting two art swaps, back to back (itty bitty apron book in facebook & the alice tag swap in flickr, respectively)…but recently i have rediscovered swap-bot of all things. idk why… particularly since i have avoided swap-bot like the plague the last couple of years due to some negative experiences i had there.

however, now that there has been some distance, i decided to give swap-bot another chance to come into my good graces.  so far so good, knock on wood…i’ve been really interested in mini-zine swaps that they have there as well as some atc & collage swaps.

but lately, this urge to host a mega atc swap could no longer be ignored 🙂

the details & sign-ups can be found here in case you might be interested.


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  1. […] that out there.  anyway, i got back into making mini-zines last summer when i got involved in some swap fun on swap-bot.  mini-zines, as opposed to a full-size zine (which my follow your bliss zine was to […]

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