a reluctant blogger

that’s what i’ve become these days.  

i just haven’t the same inclination or motivation like i used to.  i have ranted & raved about this in previous posts, so i won’t “rehash the hash” (as my husband would say).  i do miss the good ole days when blogging brought me sheer joy…

part of me wants to end this blog because the thrill, quite frankly (& sadly, i might add), is gone.  (well, maybe 99% is gone & there is a wee bit left, though only just.)

but another part of me wants to hang on… just barely, by a thread. 

i don’t know.  i’ve been pretty much avoiding the whole blogging thing mainly because i don’t want to have to deal with my indecisiveness & to choose between be done OR keep going. 

the thought of deleting everything overwhelms me.  how can i trash 4 years worth of documentation of my life & artwork?  seems like a crime to even think of doing that.

on the other hand, the thought of dragging on with this blog, which currently is lacking the luster & vigor of those early days, seems like a horrible & pathetic waste of time & space.  exactly, what’s the whole point anyway? 

i go back & forth ALL THE TIME & still  i am not entirely convinced to push the delete button…

so here’s how i stand now…

for better or worse,  i’ve become this reluctant blogger.

one day, i will possess the clarity to make the right decision in the end.  but at the moment, the blog, it appears, has been given a reprieve and escaped the fate of demise.


4 Responses

  1. You know I think we all go through a stage like that. Not really wanting to go on with our blog but then again not wanting to stop.
    Maybe take a Summer Break of a month or so and come back fresh and full of enthusiasm again.
    When it becomes a chore that is when we really need a break.

  2. Oh please dont give up. Your images are inspiring. I have just started this whole blog following thing and I know it can seem daunting and fustrating but you have found a way for your voice and your art to be seen and heard. It is important to feel like someone besides friends and family have been imprinted by something we do.
    I always suggest and challenge to be revived with the feeling that it will get better. I recently challenged myself to try to get “the ungettable get” at antique stores so i can rework my craft space. Or maybe you need a crafters retreat.
    I agree that a vacation is needed! You don’t want to get burned out.
    Well I’m not that much help!

  3. I have had the same thoughts with my blog these days. Just don’t know what to do, but don’t want to delete it all.

  4. If you decide you don’t want to continue the blog, you don’t have to delete it, just don’t update it any more. That’s what I do with blogs of mine that I no longer “feel” for. 🙂

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