i hadn’t expected to blog again so soon, but i am quite proud of myself & had to “show n tell”!

i mentioned that i am learning how to be better adept with digital art via the internet tutorials as well as good ol’ fashioned trial & error, right?  well, i spent pretty darn all weekend working on my latest digital project that i created all by myself. 🙂

i made nearly all the elements from scratch (that was labour-intensive, let me tell you!) & i even made a custom brush using a vintage music sheet (thought the brushwork is kinda muted in the background…but nevertheless, i know that they’re there!).  anyway, i am pleased with how these little digi-cuties turned out.  silohuette portraits seem to have come back into fashion in the art/craft world now & i am only too happy to oblige.  esp. when i made those batches of silo tags for the be smitten swap (talk about wicked TON of work!), i kept thinking, there must be a FASTER & EASIER way to make these darlin’ little badges without all that labourious &  tedious cutting n pasting. 

 well, voila!  my solution & take on the whole silohuette craze>>>

 i’ll be listing this soon in my etsy…”we are family” digital taggies that can be printed out again and again.  i’m so excited to be able to offer these cuties to the general public.  🙂

also, in between creating those digi-taggies, i’ve been cracking away at another deSTASH mission in the studio this past weekend.  i unearthed a bunch of artsy books and magazines that i will also be listing soon in my shop.  i have accumulated soooooooooooo much art junk over the years that it is getting to be OUTTA CONTROL, lol.  so, i am trying my darnedest to get in deSTASH mode at least once a month!  i did rather well with downsizing my unused rubber stamps, those sold quickly.  i am hoping that i can unload a ton of my old reference mags and books too. 

welp, i am beat.  i just wanted to share some fun stuff.  at any rate, have a super week!  xo mary ann


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