gonna hang on

at least for awhile… indefinitely at the time of this post.  i am still on the fence about shutting my blog down altogether. 

my bloggy will turn 4 years old come february 26th.  i ought to try to hold on at the very least on my next blog0versary.  

i know that in the last several months, i have not been in the mood to blog.  & i have had good reason too.  i also have gotten accustomed to not blogging since i began this hiatus.  i have sort of mixed feelings about this. 

on the one hand, it’s been  free-ing  to go about my daily business without having to worry about updating the blog… & also to constantly upload a gazillion pix onto my already overly-loaded hard drive.

on the other hand, i miss taking photographs (especially of things/people or images that catch my eye, stir something, some je ne sais quois pas in my heart, my core).  i’ve also missed sharing my latest  finds, my art, quirky discoveries, impromptu adventures or even just plain mundane events.  i really do miss all of that. 

in the early days of my blogging journey…flashback to 2006…i was a blogging fiend!  i couldn’t get enough of the stuff.  blogging, back then, was a total high.  i can remember being such an enthusiastic blogger–reading a ton of blogs (& commenting on them too, not just lurking!) as well as posting like a mad woman on my own.  i used to participate quite a fair bit in many weekly art memes & not to mention swaps.

the most that i got a big kick out of blogging was the CONNECTIONS i made with so many kindred, creative souls.  we may have never met face to face, IRL…but nevertheless, a heart-t0-heart connection was made.  there are some people who i met back in those early days who i am still close with today.  but there are also others who i no longer, for whatever reason, am connected to or feel a close bond.     

(sigh)…those were the days…

idk wtf  happened?  why blogging for me has changed so?    maybe there is a shelf life to blogging?  who the heck knows?!  all i know is that i am having a hard time hanging on to my bloggy…just not feeling it.   i am torn because i put in so much effort…so much of ME, esp. back in those early days.  i hate to just throw all of that away.  good gravy!   it kinda makes me sick and sad at the same time. 

i just don’t even want to deal with that right now. so for now, i’m going try to hang on… make it till my 4th blogoversary at least.   i even made an effort of re-vamping my blog banner.  i thought it was time for a  new facelift, hehehe. 

 i also finally, finally, freakin’ FINALLY updated my poor, little etsy shop.  i listed a bunch of digital collages of vintage valentines that came from my personal stash.  i thought that would get me back into the “etsy” swing of things.     

i flippin’  hope so…i’ve been meaning to destash a wicked ton of stamps & other art supplies that sadly have been collecting dust for more than a year(s)! gulp, that is bad!  but this thing called LIFe has a nasty habit of taking over and changing priorities. 

i’ve also been giving more thought on publishing a ZINE.  a couple of years ago, i posted that i would publish a zine.  i interviewed people, gotten feedback from artist friends and even had artwork commissioned.  but at the time, PROCRASTINATION, among other things, was mainly what brought my zine project to a screeching halt.  but now, two years later, i am revisiting my zine project idea.  i really would like to get it off the ground sometime soon.  it’s been something i’ve been wanting to do…needing to do…& i ain’t getting any younger, you know. 🙂

i’ve signed up for another round of WELDING at the local community college.  classes start next month for 2 months.  i can’t wait.  i LOVE welding like you have no idea!  i am hoping to purchase my very own auto-darkening, digital helmet before the 1st class.  but i’m finding that PINK welding helmets don’t seem to be that commonly stocked , either online or off.  but my search for a pink helmets continues on, hee 🙂

i am stoked, too, that one of my artsy-craftsy pals, vicky, is planning to take welding class with me!  woot!  now i won’t be the only female in the class.  there will be at least 2 of us…& something tells me that we’re going to get ourselves into some a whole lotta mischief! 🙂 

things have been WICKED slow at my booth space at the antique barn.  in fact, the whole antique mall is experiencing the slowest season/year ever.  the past 3 months, my booth has not been able to break even with my monthly rent.  so i am going to try to do a couple of sales over the next couple of months and if by spring time, things don’t get any better, i may have to say bye-bye to my booth.  it’s hard to make that decision, but right now, $$$ is tight and sometimes one needs to let go of the money-drainers.  it’s a harsh reality.  i simply can’t afford to continue if my booth isn’t making at least rent cost.  it’s sad, since i know that i have followers of my booth at the antique barn.  but we’ll see how things pan out in the next couple of months.   i’m keeping my fingers crossed.    man, funny how current events just puts life in perspective!

i know the economy is still going thru rough times…we sure feel it…and i’m sure we aren’t the only ones either.  lately, finding ways to save and also to be more creative on a tight budget have become even more pushed to the forefront of our consciousness.  desperate times call for desperate measures, eh?

well, we’re doing ok.  i don’t mean to over-dramatize.  but both the hubby & i are hanging onto our buck a bit longer than we used to.  for example, i didn’t do very much shopping last christmas.  A) we were just not in the mood, especially with the passing of our loved ones last fall.  it didn’t seem right to celebrate when we were still feeling sad.  & B) since we weren’t really going to celebrate in the usual way, just quietly & w/o fanfare, it didn’t make sense to buy people gifts that they may not really need or even like.  i did, to my credit, send cards to people (whom i had addresses that is) but that was it. ok, i did break down & gave little gifties to some family and pals…but it was nothing fancy, believe me.   it was a different kind of christmas for us this past year.  christmas time is usually my most fave time of the year…i didn’t even get a tree, like i usually do or bake a kajillion cookies for family and friends.  it was pretty much a charlie brown sort of christmas, ha!  very low-key. 

well, here’s hoping for a brighter, more cheerful & prosperous new year.  i think we are going to need it to be.  yep, 2010, i hope you can wash away the crud from last year.  that would be so greatly appreciated.

4 Responses

  1. Well, whatever you do, however you hang around, I’ll be here. You are one of the connections for me that I hope to hang on to forever.

  2. I’m right there with ya, MaryAnn. I haven’t been blogging much at all (yesterday was the first in a couple months actually.) I think about posting- I have a lot to share, but I just don’t get it done. I don’t have the same connections either – and I miss that part… But… hmm.

    I think of you often, my bloggy pal! Even if we don’t connect via our blogs anymore! 🙂

  3. Mary Ann
    I think you should follow your heart. Just know I will follow what ever path you decide to follow.
    🙂 Nerissa

  4. I so understand what it is like to become blog burnt out – follow your heart….your instincts – take things slow – the welding sounds like a great way to get re-energized!!! take care-hugs

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