when i started my blog  journey back in feb 2006, i honestly didn’t know exactly how long this adventure of mine was going to be, where it would lead me, etc…i can remember being quite excited & ecstatic in those precious early days…. but now, not so much unfortunately. 

idk if i have changed, blogging has changed, a combo of both or what?  when i get into these frustratingly uninspired moods, particularly when it comes to blogging,  then i know that it is either time to pack it all up OR take a break.  i did consider for awhile about ending my blog because frankly, i think blogging has become rather passe, with what twitter, facebook & other such social networking sites going on at present.  also, idk about you, but for me, blogging has gotten too commercialized, played/sold out for my liking…

 but i have gotten some protests & i also was reminded that i have nearly 4 year’s worth of blog posts/documented memories that don’t deserve to be deleted forever.  sigh…idk, you know?  my motivation to blog isn’t what it used to be.  i remember when i used to blog 2-3x a DAY!  yeh, now, i barely blog.  perhaps the thrill is gone?

rather than  make a rash decision, i finally decided to just simply take a break.  my bloggy will remain as is, but it will be quiet until further notice.  with all that’s happened these last few months, i need to hide have a bit of a respite from online activity.  i have become increasingly fascinated with welding these days & want to devote more time to explore and become more adept with this new-found passion of mine. 

also i have been derailed/sidetracked several times these past few months on completing a bunch of new art creations that i’ve been wanting to put in my very neglected etsy & web shops.  at the end of summer, i started experiementing with making OOAK jewerly creations and would very much like some uninterrupted time to finish them, ha!  i cranked out a ton of cute stuff the weekend before the whole thing went down with my beloved fil…but never got to finish them.  i was planning to unveil my newest creations in my online sites at that time, but have not completed them to date.  partly due to unforseen circumstances and partly due to my now busy work schedule.  but hopefully, with some holiday breaks coming up from school, i will be able to regroup & get the things i need to get done, done & just maybe i will be ready to rejoin the online world again as before & have a renewed sense of commitment to blogging…

however,  if i do ultimately decide to end the blog, i will likely turn my nearly 4 year’s worth of posts into a book….like some peeps have already done. & probably keep the bloggy up for awhile before i decide it’s time to push that “delete” button.

 sometimes, some things aren’t meant to go on forever.  but you never know, i just may have a change of heart.  as an old 7th grade teacher used to say, “time will tell”.

take care friends.  i will eventually be back one day.  & know that i am just an email away if ever you need to touch base with me. 

xo mary ann


5 Responses

  1. Sounds like a much needed break. Enjoy it and take care of yourself. Oh and have a blst rockin’ the welding gear!
    Love ya

  2. i totally understand what you mean…take your time…you truly deserve a much needed break! enjoy your new found passions…and please, please, please…do publish a book about your journey…this blog is full of timeless inspiration, beautiful words+photos, wonderful memories and created with such love!!! love you! xoxo looney xoxo

  3. Oh YES, beautiful angel – have a marvelous time with that welding. Good for YOU – finding something so unusual that you love so much. I am glad for you. Agreed – take your time. Do the things you love to do. Don’t worry about sharing it with the rest of the world. So true about how blogging has changed. I visited a blog the other day where there was NO place to leave a comment. At first I was confused. The more I thought about it the more I LIKED the idea. Might just be something I will consider.
    Angels be with you beautiful Mar.

  4. I think you’re headed in an amazing direction….can’t wait to see what’s next!


  5. You know I think we all need a break now and then as sometimes we let blogging get in the way of ‘real life and people’
    I hope you don’t completely pull the plug and that you will still share your life and creations with us.

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