just call me rosie


now that i am sold on all things WELDING, i see that my artistic aspirations are heading into a new direction.

if you had asked me a year ago if i was going to enjoy welding as much as i do, i wouldn’t have believed it.  a year ago i was so engrossed in making those itty bitty books & now, i have visions of creating sculptures out of metal. 

i still enjoy making those itty bitty books, but welding really has opened up new art possibilities.  i feel so EMPOWERED.  & it does wonders to boost my morale & self-confidence. 

i am discovering a whole new world of art-making & also a new tribe of kindred souls.  i am loving every minute of it. 

fascinating how one’s art evolves, isn’t it?

i just received new welding gear made especially for women.  i got a flame retardant jacket and gloves & i am very impressed.  those ratty, grungy & oversized jackets i had been wearing in class were really uncomfortable, plus not to mention GROSS.  now i have gear that fits me to a T (& CLEAN too, hehehe)…i will feel safer & for sure, more comfortable as i weld my little heart out.  i can’t wait to wear them! 🙂

in class the other night, i welded a little house (pix to follow…don’t have my usb cable handy).  i was practicing making different weld joints.  but man, does it ever get wicked HOT working so close to metal as i have.  now i can see why peeps wear skull caps under their welding masks…you literally are sweating bullets.  i am looking into getting my own auto-darkening masks & skull cap.  can you believe how into WELDING i am?   it’s friggin’ awesome, hehehe!

i am sad that we are at the halfway mark with the classes…i am hungry for more welding time!  i am seriously thinking about taking more classes.  it tickled me that there are a number of workshops/programs out there around the country…i wish i could take them all!  but i am really serious about taking the next step…to become a bona fide welder.  i’ve got the bug & i’ve got it BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.

the other night i had this crazy dream that i was a welder/speech therapist.  in this dream, the people in it kept telling me what an amazing welder i was & that i should consider switching careers!  how’s that for a  SIGN ?! hahaha!  well idk about quitting speech therapy altogether, but i am going to pursue welding & see where that ride takes me.  you only live once & all that… 

anything is possible if you set your mind to it, right?  


busy day ahead.  yoga class & speech workshop this morning & then later  going to chi-town for a couple of days for some family business (my side, that is)…

i finally wrapped up the last art swap (the sweet n sinister halloween tag books are ALL mailed out) & i am DONE with hosting anymore large group swaps until further notice.  

btw, there’s a giveaway in the flickr group for 4 extra tag books…BUT it is limited to the peeps who actually participated in the sweet n sinister swap.  sorry but that is only fair.

that’s all for now.  until next time, have a good weekend. xo mary ann


2 Responses

  1. My husband is a welder and my dad loved to weld. I want to weld an arbour for the yard.

  2. I’m so excited for you Mary Ann…I’ve actually done a little welding myself, but that was years and years ago. From ’92 thru ’98 I worked for a welding rod manufacturer in Menomonee Falls believe it or not… yup…TIG, MIG, stick, you name it… I’ve tried it (but again that was years ago)… I can’t wait to see where this takes you!

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