she’s a maniac for sure

remember this?  a blast from the past… f01

i am totally into my welding class…it’s been empowering, you know?  i’ve taken welding like a duck to water. 

my sis jo wanted me to snap pix in my welding garb…kinda hard to do when i am in the middle of welding & so is everybody else in the class, but i snuck in some pix while i was in one of the welding booths.


i donned a 10-shade helmet & got ready to stick weld a couple of scrap metal that i cut up into squares…DSC07271_edited-1

the welding booths are kinda tiny, i think 4 ft wide by 6 ft or so…it felt like being in a closet, but the vent was on…DSC07277_edited-1

looks kinda messy…just that i didn’t pound out the slag bits (the extra black bits on top of my weld beads)DSC07279_edited-1


yep, that’s yours truly under that 10-shade mask….DSC07273_edited-1

DSC07283_edited-1 the shop/classroom…the booth with the yellow curtains is the one where i just finished working at…


couldn’t wait to get home to show the hub what i had done…DSC07326_edited-1

coach jeff said that for my 1st time ever welding, i did an “outstanding” job.  the piece above is actually two pieces of metal scraps that i stick welded together all the way around…  it was easy, really, once i understood how to go about holding the weld gun.BALLERINA_WELDER_-_OHCIN201_-_01-26-08_B5_6095UO3looking forward to making more SPARKs in the coming weeks!

oh, gotta scoot…i’ve got school this morning but i wanted to show n tell before i left for the day.

have a super day & keep the SPARKs coming!  xoxo mary ann


3 Responses

  1. Beautiful, just Beautiful!! You go girl!

  2. she’s a maniac…maniac…FOR SURE!!! wow, totally love your courageous spirit…thanks for posting pics…want MORE…palllllleezeeeeee! but these will tide me over until you take more pics of your creations…i love Flashdance…those images are exactly what i thought of when you told me you took up welding…go get ’em tiger…do it for the girls…rarrrrrrrrr!!! xoxo loon;)

  3. WOW you are one strong chickie! Just wondering if you sent the Halloween tag books yet?

    Sandy xox

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