i’m here…even though it’s been quiet on the bloggy

september was quite possibly the most HORRID month i have ever had this/any year.

october is somewhat getting better…but i’ve been UBER busy at school, making up days that i was on bereavement leave last month. plus, parent-teacher conferences were last week & i had a couple of meetings. my caseload at the preschool is steadily growing (no complaints-not yet anyway) & has been keeping me on my toes. AND keeping sadness at bay…

i also have been meaning to continue my wonderful time i had at valley ridge a couple of weekends ago…but i quickly got immersed in school stuff. i am hoping to find time this weekend to catch up on what’s been happening since i last posted.

i spent the last several days also working (piecemeal, i might add) on completing the itty bitty fairytale book swap. i mailed off everyone’s books, except for one, as i didn’t/couldn’t find her address. but i feel like a huge weight has lifted on ONE shoulder. the other one is still burdened with this other swap i’m hosting, the sweet & sinister tag book…packages having been steadily pouring in the last few weeks & the deadline is this saturday. so i suspect i will be inundated with more packages.

on another (exciting) note, my welding class, for those interested to know, is going rather splendidly to my surprise! a couple of weeks ago i was literally shivering in my boots & so terrified of the welding torch! but the other night at class, i miraculously got over my fear of hurting/burning myself (&, horrors, OTHERS!). coach jeff, my instructor, was so very kind & patient with me. he is such a great teacher to have around, especially for this (MOI) complete novice. i can hardly believe it, but i know how to flippin’ gas weld now! woo-hoo! scared of me, hehehe!

i am so totally stoked…i can’t even believe that i am typing this, but i am totally diggin’ my welding class. it’s as if the light bulb clicked on for me the other night. the strangest thing bec. i went in there still wicked nervous, but came out of there feeling so incredibly EMPOWERED. really exhilirating, the feeling of learning a new skill & totally lovin’ it. i can’t wait to make more SPARKs fly, hehehe!

i also very recently met an artist/gallery owner who wants to see my artwork & possibly show at her gallery…wow, talk about total serendipity. i went to visit my friend jean, who owns this amazing antiques mall just down the road from me. jean is a collage/mixed media artist too & she has some wicked cool works. anyway, while i was visiting jean, tanya came by (her studio/gallery is downstairs from jean’s place) & it was such a cool, impromptu meeting of creative souls. i took snaps of my visit…i hope to post them soon…

ok, i’ve got dinner cooking on the stove. i’m making chicken & pork adobo, using the recipe my dad gave earlier today when i called because i had forgotten how to make it. the kitchen smells like my mom’s been here cooking, only, it’s me, who’s cooking…

anyhoo, i digress…lol…

i have school tomorrow…another busy day with preschoolers…gotta love it. friday i have a speech workshop to go to & then hopefully, i will have a weekend devoted to finishing art wips and updating this bloggy with pix & other stuff.

until then, have a good rest of the week & i’ll be back soon!

xoxo mary ann

One Response

  1. It’s so good to see you post… you absolutely have had so much going on in life.

    Your adobo recipe sounds amazing…do tell! I’m headed back to VR this weekend for Michelle Ward’s class, my final time this weekend. I’ll be sure to fill you in next week.

    Find some time to breathe this weekend…take care Mary Ann… xoxoxox

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