getting back…


i’m staying overnite here at valley ridge art studio….for that art class i mentioned in previous post.  i almost wasn’t going to go because i was worried about leaving my dh alone for the weekend.  but i am glad that i went (& that my dh wanted me to) because i so enjoyed seeing misty (the instructor) and kathy (the proprietress of valley ridge) again & i had a wicked fun day playing with paints & crayons.  🙂  my studio time has been pretty much non-exsistent in the last couple of weeks & going to misty’s class this weekend was really a good catalyst to get back into the studio. 

taking a live class vs. an online one (such as the one i recently took with suzi blu) is always so much better for me because i can see things happen in real time with a real, live teacher who is right there & who can answer questions on the spot or give friendly suggestions and tips.  idk about you, but i really appreciate the live class experience more than the online ones, especially  because of the real time factor & also  being around other like-minded peeps who are just as eager to learn from such a fab teacher such as misty.  to get to see the artist creating art before your very eyes in real time is priceless.  to me, anyway.

don’t get me wrong, i learned a lot from taking suzi blu’s online class…but, her feedback would either be wicked delayed or none at all.  & that’s just the nature of an on-going, online type of class set-up, you know? her online classes have a ton of peeps signed up & there is just no way for her to be able to get to every single person for every little thing, you know?    anyhoo, it was interesting to me to compare how suzi & misty explained how to draw faces.  both gals are tremendously talented, but they sure do have a definte different style & approach.  kinda cool to see how each gal draws faces…gives me different techniques to try and use.  i love to learn new techniques and incorporate the variety in my own works.

today, we worked on some painting & collage techniques.  & oh yeah, drawing & painting faces.  tomorrow, she’s going to show us even more techniques(!) on drawing faces & then we will get to work on creating on a large canvas (poster size)…this should be very interesting…

after misty’s class tonite, some of us piled into a couple of cars & drove down to this hidden gem of a place, global view gallery.  it is owned  by a lady, marian, who has been traveling to india and southeast asia for 40 years, learning about their cultures, their traditions and handmade textiles and other cultural artifacts.  it was fascinating to visit this gallery and shop. 


going there reminded me of  some of the things my parents had around the house when we were growing up…they had a bunch of stuff from the philippines hanging all over the house.  never paid too much attention to them as a kid, but when i went into the global view gallery, it reminded me of the filipino stuff my parents had.  i will have to take my mom there one of these days.  the gallery owner, marian, said that she would like to meet my mom & ask her about handwoven textiles from the philippines.  very interesting place.  everything there is handcrafted and handmade.  no sweatshop made items there. 

welp, it’s getting late & i don’t want to oversleep & be late for day 2 of misty’s wonderful class.  i plan to take more pix tomorrow.  until then, good nite!


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  1. MaryAnn… it was so great to finally meet you after hearing about you through Misty. You did some amazing work in the workshop and hopefully we can stay in touch at least through blogs, email and/or Facebook. I hope you’re having a great week!

  2. oh wow, it is so inspiring to meet another speechie who is so passionate about art. i had to pick between studying to get a degree in speech pathology or one in graphic designs and visual communication. Its inspiring to see you’ve got the best of both worlds.

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