stick, mig & tig


oh mylanta.

i made myself go to that welding class i mentioned in last post.  my dh encouraged me to go.  so i went.

i didn’t know what  to expect exactly. i mean, when i initially signed up  i was all psyched to go for it.  i have long admired those towering, abstract sculptures that i used to see all around downtown chicago & other similar urban public spaces.  & something inside me said, LEARN.  so i signed up.  just. like. that.

that was about a month ago…

but when i entered the welding workshop last monday night,  GULP!  what in the heck did i get myself into?!

talk about going outside your comfort zone…HA!  i was about a kajillion miles away from it. 

here i was, sitting in a very industrial-looking room with a bunch of men, many of whom were tradesmen looking to become more marketable.  one gentleman, an older man, was there to build airplanes and so wanted to brush up on his welding skills. 

& then there was little ol’ me.  yeh, me with my grandiose ideas about creating my own metal sculpture works.  somehow i started to feel out of place, especially with the tradesmen looking at me rather dubiously.

coach jeff*, the instructor, seemed to be okay with my reason for taking his class.  he said that he has had ladies take his classes over the 30 years of teaching welding & was glad to have me aboard. *(i call him “coach jeff” bec. when he is not teaching welding, he also head coaches a local high school football team). 

he gave us an overview of the class as well as talked at length about safety (which made me even more of a nervous wreck than ever!) and the general order of events for the next 2 months.  he talked of “stick”, “mig” & “tig”.  he could have been talking mandarin chinese for all i care because i hadn’t a flippin’ clue what he was talking about.  not in the least.

overwhelmed with T(oo) M(uch) I(nfo), i later wikipedia’d “stick”, “mig” & “tig”.  they all refer to the 3 main types of welding that we (or more frighteningly, i)  will be doing in class.   

oh mylanta.

coach jeff & the airplane guy both said that they will be there to help me out.  omg, i think i am going to need major supervision.  seriously.

a few months ago, i thought getting a burn from scalding water was wicked bad.  try 4000 degree F open gas flame!  or how about burning your retinas out from the super intense ultraviolet rays from the welding rod!

next week, coach jeff says we will start learning stick arc welding.  i’m nervous about this whole concept, but nevertheless,  i’m daring myself to go thru with it. 


(photos courtesy of wikipedia)

 talk about  distraction from all the grief and sadness we’ve been going through.  they have been promptly replaced by FEAR at present.  i don’t have time to be sad when i am fearing for my safety (& that of others!).  okay?!

but i’m going to give it the ol’ college try.  yup, i’m going to see if i can do this.  coach jeff seems to think i can.  wish me luck.  i’m going to need it.


3 Responses

  1. this is the coolest thing ever! i would so take this class with you if i were near by. you can do it!!

    also, it just occurred to me that i forgot to send postage money along with my pages…will do that tomorrow.

  2. It sounds intriguing. I’m glad you have friendly people willing to look out for you.

  3. Hey girl, I sent you two e-mails asking for your address for the tag swap because I need to send them now since I am far away. Please get back to me soon 🙂

    Sandy xox

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