it’s cleaning time

lots of cleaning & purging going on here today.  but i must confess, i have been an awful procrastinator.  i was going to start my major DESTASH project when school let out for summer. 

yeh, like THAT ever happened. 

 & here it is, BACK to school already(!) & i’ve only literally started today. oh well, better late than never, right?  also, it helps that i have a huge push to get the job done. 

my mother’s relatives from overseas will be coming to visit.  it’s their first time in the states ever & it simply won’t do having my art supplies & projects strewn all about the house.  i’ve been put on notice…so i have to get crack-a-lacking.  BIGTIME.

i’ve started to take boxes & bags of stuff downstairs (not a small feat either!) & hopefully by the end of the day, the upstairs will resemble a proper great room & kitchen (instead of my makeshift studio & warehouse!).  once all my art & antiquing stuff are removed/relocated, i then will go whole hog cleaning the entire upstairs (also, no small feat!).  that part will take at least a few days as there are 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, great room & mudroom to clean.  OMG.   i’m not entirely thrilled about this, but i gotta do this.  luckily, i have TIME on my side…i have a few weeks to get the upstairs looking presentable & spotless.

the downstairs, well…that’s another story.  i’m hoping that my mother’s guests will not feel the need to explore the downstairs.  i’m half a mind to post a sign saying something to the effect, “WARNING, enter at your own risk” or simply, “UNDER CONSTRUCTION”…i really don’t think they need to come downstairs (aka our space).  maybe they will be allergic to cats? one can only hope.

kidding aside, i’ve been dilligent this morning & will continue to be over the course of the next few days…i wouldn’t want to disappoint or embarrass my parents.  it’s a matter of pride & duty that i do this…so, i’ve been trudging up & down the stairs, lugging armloads of bags & boxes of stuff.  (heck, who needs a treadclimber, when i’ve got a long flight of stairs i go up & down up about 10 million times?! seriously?)… i’ve also been sorting out items all morning as well.   i filled two big garbage bags already.  & i’m afraid, that’s only the beginning.  dear me…

the upside to all this cleaning & purging is that i have a TON of things that i will be able to put in my online shops & also my booth at the antique barn.  so, after i am done with cleaning detail, i will be restocking my shops.  it’s a win-win situation all around, from my way of thinking.  so stay tuned…lots of good stuff to come! 🙂

ok, i’ve taken a long enough break & i’ve got to get back to work.  but before i sign off, here are some more artwork that i did for suzi’s goddess & poet class

lesson 3, gypsies (sketch).

sbclass 006

(mixed media)>>>

sbclass 008

btw, i just closed out the xmas in july tag swap that i hosted this summer.  i just haven’t gotten around to posting pix of the wonderful artwork that people sent in.  one of these days i will post pix.  also, been working on another swap project, the itty bitty fairytale book.  i’ve extended the deadline from sep 1st to sep 12th btw…will post pix of my efforts soon.  just up to my eyeballs right now with CLEANING, hehehe.

have a great week…

will be back again soon. xo mary ann


3 Responses

  1. I just signed up for the September Goddess & Poet class, I hope I get my invite soon, because I can´t wait to get started! Btw – love your gypsies!

  2. Good luck in achieving your goals before the visitors arrive. Sometimes having guests causes us to reflect on where we are and and how we want them to see what we are doing with our lives.

    Am on the look out for your next fun swap theme as yours are always the best.

  3. Lovely designs. Come visit me
    I make jewelry and write mysteries

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