artful pursuits

i don’t know whether or not i have mentioned this, but back in late spring, i signed up for an online art class, goddess & poet.  it is being taught by suzi blu.  you may have heard of her?  she has made countless mixed media art videos on you tube as well as taught quite a number of online classes in her ning group.

the goddess & poet class is coming to an end, but i only just recently started doing the assignments.  there are 5 lessons total & i’ve started on the 3rd lesson.  here’s what i’ve done so far:

graphite drawings:

sbclasssbclass 001

sbclass 002 sbclass 003

adding color:

sbclass 004a

embellishing artwork:

sbclass 005a

taking this class reminded me how much i love to draw & paint…i used to draw & paint on a regular basis when we had lived in maine.  my old garden there as well as the ocean were my biggest sources of inspiration & motivation to draw & paint.  now i see that i only have to go to “suziland” (as suzi calls her sites) & be immediately overwhelmed with creativity & inspiration.  suzi’s enthusiasm, creative spirit & inspiring works are infectious. 

i’ve had to put my lesson 3 (more drawing & painting of goddesses)  on hold, but only momentarily.  i had some personal mini-book projects to create. (btw, no pix of these books as they are meant to be a surprise!)  they are going to be gifts to some very special people…in addition, i had to work on lorri’s atc swap that she is hosting over in flickr:4ltreeatcs1

i had so much fun making these, that i am making more…:)  the atcs are made from a recycled pizza box and also cardboard backing from sticker sheets i had laying around.  i just glued cardstock & then basically went nuts with whatever i had in my stash.  the theme for august, as you can see, is TREES.  i rubberstamped this bare tree on most of the cards & then went at it, hehehe…one of the atcs was made using scraps from red lead‘s xmas collage sheets which i had leftover from when i made my holiday atcs for their swap recently… 

i can’t wait to get back to my suzi homework…lesson 3.  i started laying out my lines for the faces…but i need to really focus & concentrate.  i couldn’t when i knew i had these other things (i.e., the above mentioned) to do first.  later tonight, after dinner, i will get back at it. 🙂

i cannot believe that in a couple of days i will be back to school.  summer just flew, didn’t it just? 

BUT i have more arty endeavors coming up…the pjammers’ weekend with the paper whimsy crew and then misty‘s class at vallery ridge art studio (oooh, i cannot wait for that one!!!)…they are both next month.  i am also planning to take a WELDING class (oh yeah!) next month at my local community college.  i am wicked nervous/scared, but excited about taking that class.  esp. since i am not very mechanically-inclined, but i have always had a keen interest in metal/black smithing for some inexplicable reason.  i really hope that i will become adept with using a blow torch & perhaps create my own garden & non-garden sculptures.  that’s the big picture for my reasoning for taking the class, hehehe…

one last thing before i sign off…i recently saw julie & julia.  have you seen it?  if you haven’t, i would highly recommend.  i always liked julia child & i found her personal story a bit more fascinating than julie powell‘s julie/julia project  actually…don’t get me wrong, her story was good…but i personally was more fascinated with learning tidbits of the famed julia child.

alright, the dh wants to head into town & is waiting for me to go with him. 

hope you have a wonderful week!

xo mary ann


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