new tag swap!


hi all!

here’s the SCOOP:

theme: halloween w/ a twist. front side of tag will be a SWEET scene. back side will be a SINISTER scene. this is required for all tags.

(i will post example tags shortly…still working on them!)

tag size: LARGE shipping tags, approx. 2.75 in x 4.75. you may use the store bought tags or make them yourselves from cardstock, scrapbook paper, fabric , etc…

tag orientation: the tag books will be bound from the tag holes at the top of the tag. so please keep the tag holes free & clear of embellishments. however, embellishments are highly encouraged everywhere else on the tags, not the tag holes themselves. i plan on using 1.5 in binding rings for the tag books.

number of tags to create: 20 per group.  all the same or all different.  your call…

max swap size: 40 participants, broken into two groups of 20.

in-my-hands-deadline: OCTOBER 10, 2009. this is FIRM, no late tardies will be allowed. as with all my swaps, i request a nominal mailing fee of $3 usd for usa swappers and $5usd for international swappers. this will cover binding rings, front & back covers as well as shipping.

please sign your name & optional contact info somewhere on your tag, preferably somewhere on the back. remember BOTH sides of your tag have to be decorated, i.e., SWEET on the front & SINISTER on the back. i will be making two “covers” one for the fronts of the book (sweet) and one for the backs of the book (sinister). again, i will post example pix to show you what i mean. this is going to be a different tag book that you may be used to because both sides of your tag pages will contain artwork. get it?

ok, if you are interested in participating, please either leave a comment here or you can email me to at with your full name, your flickr name (if you have one), email & mailing addresses.

 sign-up ends SEPT 10, 2009 or until we reach our max participant list of 40, whichever comes first.

so get out your halloweenie stuff & start thinking SWEET n SINISTER!

happy creating!!!
xo mary ann


8 Responses

  1. HI, I would love to join you on this tag book swap. Am I in time to get into the group? You can see my work in the flikr site and the shutterfly website listed above. Thank you so very much, Sally

  2. Hi I would love to join! Thanks 🙂 Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!

  3. Mary Ann…this sounds like fun and something right up my alley!! I’d like to participate…

    Look forward to seeing how these turn out!!

    Christy Laudig

    hi christy! i’ve got you down & have your mailing info…i deleted your addy for privacy’s sake…will be in touch soon when sign-ups end. xo mary ann

  4. I am in the midst of packing…I love the idea of the two sided tags…i might be back…need to think.

  5. What a great idea! I will definitely try it! Sounds like alot of fun! 🙂 *HUGS*

  6. Hi Mary Ann, I’d love to join your tag swap. Nothing’s more fun than Halloween!

  7. What fun! Count me in Mary Ann!

    Sandy xox

  8. Please sign me up for this!! It’s right up my alley!
    thanks, xo natalea

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