we’re all set to go on our ADVENTURE to vacationland.  will be away for a couple of weeks with the dh.  not sure what the internet sitch will be like (i.e., if it’s available where we’ll be) on the road, so will post again when i can.  until then, here’s wishing you a FANTASTIC summer!  see you in a couple weeks!

xoxo mary ann 🙂

(p.s., the above pix was taken at a recent rock aqua jays show)

(p.p.s, i ❤ this vid: )


7 Responses

  1. have a great time on your vacation! My tag arrived today… so cute! thank you!
    🙂 Missy

  2. Have a great vacation hun! I’m waiting for my vacation time too. 1st time alone with hubby in 12 years! WOW! Just waiting for the employer’s approval and we’re gone!

  3. Mary Ann your lovely tag arrived today! How exciting!!!!! It is like finding a hidden treasure each time you go to your mailbox:)
    Thank you so much I LOVE IT!

  4. Hi Mary Ann
    Just wanted to let you know your beautiful tag arrived today. It´s so pretty – thank you so much.

  5. MaryAnn, I received my wonderful tag yesterday and I wanted to stop by and say thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful vacation and looking forward to doing more swaps. Enjoy

  6. Havea wonderful time on your holiday. Looks like your recent swaps were a total success yet again. Am getting back in the swap game and looking forward to catching up with the next round.

  7. Vacations all I ever wanted…vacation, have to get way…….Oh I hope you’re having a blast!

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