going “home”

(photos courtesy of  mainemidcoast.com, wikipedia, big chicken barn antiques, timber creek fishing & atlantic brewing company)

they say home is where the heart is.  in just NINE days we will be here.  that’s where we left our hearts since relocating back to the midwest. 

the dh & i will be heading out east for a couple of weeks.   he wants to do plenty of this


& this fish_lm_bass_small here landscape_56

& herelandscape_6








hopefully we will go hiking around too


maybe spot a whale or two…spring_summer12

this looks kinda neat, but not a fan of being swept up by the waves…


for sure visit our fav lighthouses…lighthouse_28

we rented a cottage not too far from where we used to live…top_4

i hope to do these activities while in vacationland:

800px-Watercolours chickenbarnant228827



but most of all, just take in all the salt air & sea breezes that we can… because as we know all too well, vacations fly by so wicked fast!


on the way home, we will take a short side trip to cape cod to visit some friends.  hope they will be ready for us. 🙂

yep, we’re looking forward to some much needed R n R.  & it’ll be good to go “home”.


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  1. soooo very excited for you + big joe…you both truly deserve this much needed vacation…and to go back where your heart is…well…that is just icing on the cake…i love all the pics and the fun activities you’ll be getting to do…please have a lobster roll for me and take tooooooooooons of pics….i love maine too…wish you could just pack me up in your suitcase… would love to see bar harbor and mount battie oh yea, rockland and all the cute lil’ towns…and maybe get a glimpse of martha…oh well, that’s wishful thinking…off to dream about your awesome vacation plans!!! (ps…what a fab b-day gift to yourself…enjoy and have a BLAST!) xoxoxo logi 😉

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