desperately seeking treasures

i don’t know about you, but whenever i venture off into one of my antique flea market adventures, such as the one here, i don’t really have an ultra specific agenda in mind.  i just get up at the crack of dawn the day of the fair, make a beeline to the fairgrounds et voila, let my intuition take me where it shall…

there are over 500 dealers at this particular venue,  both outdoors & indoors.  today, i stayed primarily outside, as i wanted to make sure i got home before noon so i could tend to my many gardening chores.  most of my favorite booths happen to be outside, so it was just as well.  

i noticed some dealers i used to go to are not there today.  but not to worry, i ran into a couple of new faves that i discovered in last month’s season opener:  salvaged treasures & iowa junk gypsies.  the gals over at good finds, a local dealer,  were there… as well as the husband & wife team  (whose names i still do not know!)  who have their famous $1 tables.  on more than one occasion, i found a bunch of cab cards & vintage posties  that the husband gave me  for a couple of bucks.  sweet.  i always make sure i stop by their booth. 

then there is always cindy’s greenhouse…i always buy something from there.  last time i bought tubs & tubs of sugar snap peas.  ooooooooh were they ever yummy!   this time, i bought a couple of petunia hanging baskets for mom’s deck.  at $5 bucks a pop, they were a steal!

i ran into my pal, jean.  she & i always managed to bump into each other there lately, hehehe.  this time, she was at the iowa junk gypsies tent when i happened there.  what fun!  one of these days i will (& YES jean, i will! 🙂 ) head over to her antique mall, windmill antiques.  maybe sometime this week, before we head on our road trip out east (more about that later). 

ok, i took a bunch of pix…i’ve compiled them all in this slideshow:

if the seal song bothers you or is too loud, you can always turn it off…i don’t know how to adjust the sound.  anyway, enjoy!  i’ve got to scoot & finish working in the garden & then it’s back in the studio for me. 

have a super week!!! xoxo mary ann


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for mentioning us and for the pictures! We had a great show despite the wind and we’ll be back in August! We’re repacking, adding more stuff, and heading to Kane County in St. Charles IL next weekend!


  2. Sounds like you had a GREAT time!

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