impromtu weekend

peonyluv4in from my garden last friday, i picked the remaining peonies.  i felt i had to bring them in before their luscious blooms faded away. that would be such a terrible waste, you know?  so, i went to “rescue” my precious petals… i must have cut over 24 blooms!  their sweet fragrance was enchanting.  i took more pix of them, well… because i could & they were oh so charming. 🙂



(below btw is the old chippy desk that i am planning to use in my closet -turned-studio-space redo.)



i finished a couple of swap wips.  one was for jessica‘s red, white & blue tag swapred,_white,_blue we were to create 17 patriotic-themed tags. 4jrswap1 i also made a few extras as a lil thank you 4jrswap2to jessica for hosting this fun swap. 

pwants2i did mention that i finished making some tags for the swap hosted in the paper whimsy group…


i kinda, no totally,  goofed up & created 12 tags, instead of making only ONE tag & sending a variety of TWELVE napkins. 

pwants4 lol…i am not usually a dumkopf, hehehe, but i was/have been so overloaded lately with the art projects…so it was easy, yeah, yeah, to get mixed up!

pwants5luckily for me, the hostess was gracious & understanding & still let me play.  🙂  my bad will actually be their good because everyone will get one of my tags.  alls not lost then…pwants6after running some errands saturday morning, i happened onto a tag sale near the post office & found these lovelies…oppfm1

i was tickled to find such pretty things…& at good prices. always a good thing! 🙂


brdcllge3_edited-1i created these digi-collages for danielle‘s birdsong collage swapBirdsong_Collage_Swap_SMALL i had planned on printing them out & putting 3-d embellishies on them when the dh announced that we were going in to chi-town to visit his dad & other family last saturday afternoon. so i had to put my arting on hold…

we visited my in-laws & had dinner with them saturday nite.   it was nice to visit & spend time with my fil.  he’s been ill, but he was in good spirits.  we share the same birthday, hehehe.  we’ll have to stop by his house on the way back from our east coast road trip next month & celebrate together then. 

i had also been playing phone tag w/ my sis jo, who lives a few blocks from my fil.  i tried to give her a heads up that we’re coming to town on the fly…but i totally forgot that they were  spending a luxurious couple days downtown.  last winter, my lil niece, shioban (jo’s dd) won a guessing contest & the grand prize was an all-expenses paid, 2 night stay here.  omg, they had a taste of  the high life. it was hard for them to come back to reality, hehehe… i am sure my sis will blog about their adventures soon.  my sis & i did finally connect & we got together yesterday for dinner.  my bil put the kiddie pool together & my niece & nephew were in 7th heaven! ispool1

this past weekend was the 1st really disgustingly hot & muggy summer weather we’ve had.  we had been so spoiled with the cool, mild temps we’ve been having up until this weekend. figures the yucky weather would rear its ugly head on father’s day/summer solstice! 

anyway, inside the much preferred temperature range, hehehe, the kids sure love their uncle joe! 🙂 isluvuj1


isluvuj3whenever we go into chi-town to visit, i always find it hard to split my time evenly with my in-laws & my sisters.  but this weekend, we got to see both sides of the family, even if only briefly.  it’s virtually impossible to see everyone & do everything in a span of less than 2 days.  oh well, we gave it a shot…

by the time we reached home last night, we were, as you can imagine, exhausted.  lots of running around, trying to visit our families.  i had grand ideas that i would work on those digi-collages i created above, but nothin’ doing. as soon as i hit the pillow, it was lights out for me, hahaha. 

but this morning, i did finish up the collages.  one is for the swap dbss1& the other is for danielle. 

dbss2i always try, if at all possible, to create a piece of artwork for the swap hostess, especially if we are to send our works to the hostess.  then i typically will make something.  i may have mentioned this before, but i am becoming increasingly more comfortable with creating collages in my pse.  i find that i can whip something up relatively quickly, in a matter of few minutes, than in the traditional methods.  what an incredible timesaver, you know?  so wicked convenient & efficient, esp. for someone like me who has a crazy-busy art schedule!

speaking of keeping schedule, it’s back to the studio for me.  i’ve got teacup books to bind!  until next time, hope your week has started off on a beautiful note. 

& don’t forget these lil gems:oppfm3 &oppfm2

   xoxo mary ann


5 Responses

  1. Wow Maryann what an action packed weekend. No wonder you went straight to sleep as soon as your head hit the pillow.
    Lots of beautiful creations.

  2. You have been a BUSY gal…and I am loving your collages…very inspiring as I work to finish my own work area…slowly. We’re loaded for Elkhorn this weekend so hoping you can stop by and see us- booth 518 again!

    And I doubt I’ll freeze in the van Saturday night this month.


  3. I love your energetic, fun, whimsical art!!!
    Fun visit and love the flower pictures!
    Also, I am lucky to have one of your lovely “mistakes”!

  4. The flowers from your garden are beautiful, delightful shade of pink.

    Must get into the swapping routine again, job and moving is all settled and miss the creative projects.

  5. oh my goshhhhhhh!!! your garden is freakin’ magnifique!!!!! i totally am in love with all your ‘la fleur imagine’ simply breathtaking…and boy what a sweet day at the Elkhorn Flea…wish we could’ve galavant around with you…Bon-Bon is squealing with delight…next time na-lang! going to flickr to fav all the ‘la fleur’ pics…love you!!!!!! xoxo logi 😉

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