last day & swaporama!

WOO HOOOOOO, today is my last day of SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!  this link says (or rather, screams, hehehe) it all.  🙂  the day has finally arrived.  i thought it would never get here.  it’s been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOG year at the elementary school.  omg is all i can say (pls, do not get me started, lol!).  i will be officially on summer break in a mere few hours.  🙂


i hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  mine was wet (rained much of the weekend) but very productive.   i have been busily sweating working in my sweatshop studio.  i am trying to complete the following swaps that i’m hosting >>> sstbs1

here &


here.  the past several days i’ve been inundated with TAGs and TEACUPs… not such a bad thing really, hehehe.  i am waiting for just one more set of taggies & expecting a sort of mini-windfall of teacups (as the deadline for these pages is tomorrow).  so far, things are looking wicked awesome for both book collabs.  i can’t wait to show pix when i’ve gotten them all bound, some 60-odd books (both tag & itty bitty books combined)!

while we are on the subject of swaps, there is still room for

xmasinjulytsbadge_edited-1( sign-ups end JUN 30th or when our max of 20 participants are reached, whichever comes first.  i have crosslisted swap info in the flickr group, which is “open join” btw, no prior approval required.)

as well as  

3596693082_a9a5374b31 & ibcfbsbadge_edited-1

   these are those two SUMMERTIME SPECIALs i’m doing in the flickr group.  they are only available for a limited time.  ordinarily all my itty bitty book swaps have been hosted in the follow your bliss ning group. but after this itty bitty book is completed>>>ibsummerbs1_edited-3

the fyb ning network will be on a summer hiatus until fall.  i decided to open up the new summertime swaps in the flickr group due to requests to continue during the summer months.  some folks just couldn’t live without their itty bitty fix (i can appreciate that!).  so i obliged.  so that is why these two swaps are labeled  special & available for a limited only.   come fall, all new itty bitty book swap activity will resume in the (private) fyb ning & the flickr group will revert back to its usual photosharing site.

so if you have been sitting on the fence &  thinking about whether or not to join the two itty bitty swaps in flickr, act now.  these swaps will only be around for a limited time only.  & who knows when this opportunity (if ever) will come again?! 

just so you know, the itty bitty book club in flickr is a public group, but by invitation only.  this means that if you are not already a member of the itty bitty book club, your request to join the group will first need to be approved by the group’s administrator (that would be yours truly).  i have done this to ensure that the people who want to join are really serious about joining & intend on completing the new  swaps.  i mention this about the flickr group because  i want folks to know the reasoning behind the public, but by invite only deal with the flickr  itty bitty book club.   

ok, now that we have reached some sort of understanding, i hope that you can partake in any of these fun summer swaps i mentioned above.  i am looking forward to a ton of creative projects this summer.  creating keeps me sane…that’s why i do all that i do.  🙂


3 Responses

  1. hey chick! I love these itty bitty swaps! I would love to do them all they are soo fun! OMG I cant wait for the fall! you know thats my fav holiday! big hugs


  2. I am finding all the strength possible not to join any swaps for awhile.
    Good swapping to you!

  3. OOOHHHHHHHH my tag book arrived today and I love love love it!!! it turned out SO awesome:) I’m just catching up on your blog and I can’t believe how crazy busy you have been!!! You go girl!!!

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