switching gears


just one more day of school next week & i will be taking off my speech therapist hat & (with great pleasure) putting on my artist cap.   nearly 3 months of  school-free BLISS, oh yeah!!


will be busy working on some custom orders & other art wips this weekend which is fine because the weather forecasted is rain for the next couple of days.

the other day, i received my fab tag book from jenny‘s majestic feathers swap.  isn’t it just wonderful?

mfts1 here’s my page…


i am such a sucker for birds, hehehe.  i’m participating in danielle‘s birdsong collage swap.  luckily, it’s not due until the end of the month.  it is on my to-do list.  

currently, i am working on this paper napkin tag swap hosted in the paper whimsy group.   we’re supposed to incorporate a paper napkin of our choosing as we alter shipping tags, which as some of you may know, i have like a bazillion, lol.  i only have to make 12, plus we have to incorporate a paper whimsy image & element from the pw shoppe. 


these napkins are actually ones i still had left from our wedding reception…we had a outdoor garden party.  i figured that the chance of anyone else in the swap having the same napkin was pretty slim.  so i thought these would be good to use.  when i am done making my taggies, i’ll be sure to show pix. 

this morning, i finished making this art shrine for my partner, tami r.  it’s for another paper whimsy swap that i joined recently.  the twist to this particular swap is that we take an art canvas & actually alter the back. interesting concept, right?  i never would have thought to do that in a million years, but the little niche in the back makes a perfect little shadow box.  what an opportunity to explore…


4tr3  the girl image and the pink floral foil trim are from the paper whimsy shoppe.


here’s the front of the 6×6 canvas that i used.    i think i rather like this idea of flipping the canvas & altering the backsides.  hmmm, i just might have to make more of these…

a while ago, while perusing on ebay, i came across a couple of shops that made custom signs.  the one at the beginning of the post & below are ones i had made with my motto: 


the handpainted roses one will be used for when i do art shows and the other, the one in my fave robin’s egg blue, will go in my studio.  well,  actually, second studio.  i have been thinking about converting the large closet in our guest bedroom/office into another studio.  that’s also on my to-do list this summer.  it’s more like a huge linen/junk closet than a wardrobe, so the little grey cells, they got to turning & well, i’m thinking wouldn’t this space make a nice studio space?   i’ve got some serious purging to do this summer…sigh all in due time.  all in due time.

ok, it’s back to more arting… ain’t life grand? xo mary ann


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