new sweet tag swap! ***SORRY NOW CLOSED***

~~~as of 6/18/09,  sign-ups are now CLOSED sorry!  we have reached our max of 20 participants.~~~
uh-oh, she’s at it again!  not another swap, lol?!!!
THREE swap announcements in one day?!!!

new sweet tag swap!, originally uploaded by mainer at heart06.

 see what happens when school starts to let out?!  a girl can really go nuts n bolts, hehehe!  yip, just one more day of school left (next tuesday) & this girlie is going to be a FREEEEEEEEE BIRD!!!!!!

sign-ups to this sweet tag swap have already started in the flickr group.  but i just created this badge earlier today & have now worked out the logistics…

the scoop

okay, this swap is basically the similar to the sweet sentiments tag swap that i am currently wrapping up.  only this time around, i’m limiting the swap to 20 participants/one group  (vs. 45/3 groups). 

the themechristmas in july.  whatever that means to you:  vintage, retro, victorian, abstract, WHATEVER…the sky is the limit.  just one thing tho, pls. make your tags PRETTY & SWEET! 🙂

the tag size:  same as last swap, LARGE: roughly 2.5 inches x 4.75 inches. you can find shipping tags at your local craft or office supply store.  you can also, if you prefer, DIY , using cardstock or fabric.  pls. note if you are using fabric, pls. use some sort of stabilizer to stiffen the fabric tags.  also,  the front sides of your tags will contain your embellished (& embellishments are STRONGLY encouraged!) design & the back sides will include your name and contact info. 

the tag design:  can be all the same design or all different. your call.

the binding specs:  i thought i’d change things up a bit & have the tags be bound on the bottom edge of the tag (opposite the tag hole).  so this means, you will need to keep the bottoms free and clear of any embellishments as that will be where i will run them thru my binding machine. 

the in-my-hands-deadline:   on or before friday, JULY 31, 2009.  along with your sweet tag creations, pls. also send a nominal shipping fee of $3 usd for us participants and $5 usd for international players.  both my mailing & email addresses are available upon request.

sign-ups:   sign-ups will run until end of june or when we have reached our 20 participant max, whichever comes first.  if you are interested & are sure that you will be able to complete this swap, pls. email me at with the following info:  your full name,  flickr name (if you have one), and both your mailing AND email addresses.

looking forward to getting this swap rolling!  hope you are too! 🙂

thanks for wanting to play! xo mary ann



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  3. Hey chick I emailed you about the swap! hugs


  4. Hey Mary Ann. I just emailed you. I love Christmas in July!!!!

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