weekend adventures

my weekend adventures….where do i begin?

well, i got to spend time with my sis jo & her family (pictured below) as well as another sis, gail, & her family (not shown here).  i hadn’t seen my sis gail & her family in a while & we all trekked over to her house for some yummy dinner.  it’s always nice to visit the nieces and nephews & my sisters as well. i forgot my digicam at jo’s house when we were over at gail’s house, so no pix.  maybe next time…eom1

last saturday, my sis jo & i went to navy pier, where country living  hosted  their annual women entrepreneur event.  i have attended their WE event since its inception 4 yrs ago.  each time i have always come away with some really good information.  this year’s was no exception.  we learned a lot about pr/pitching your product(s) and also got a crash course on trade shows, the dos and don’ts & how to have a successful trade show. 

while i wasn’t particularly interested in running a trade show booth any time soon (as they are WICKED expensive), the trade show expert, mary liz (whose website url escapes me at the moment) was a very dynamic speaker.  she really could have talked for days about trade show 411, but she did a good job summarizing the high points rather succintly as well as graphically.  her power point presentation was both engaging &  humourous. 

it was after mary liz’s presentation when something unexpected happened.  well, actually, a couple of things happened shortly after our luncheon with rosanna bowles.  1st, a gal who sat in the row behind us just passed out during one of our “potty” breaks.  so much so that the emt peeps were called in.  never in my experience of attending WE has that ever  happened.  the gal ended up being ok & stayed to finish out the seminar.

while rosanna bowles was speaking about her experiences of starting her ceramic and glass empire, my friend cj got a urgent message that her husband was taken to the er @ a local downtown hospital.  she unexpectedly had to rush out of the seminar to be with her husband.  we felt so bad for her & kept her in our thoughts throughout the remainder of the seminar. 

sheesh, was it a full moon out or what?

as i mentioned above, we had a dessert break after listening to mary liz talk about trade shows.  it was the last break of the day before the 2009 WE of the year panelists went onstage to share their stories.  my sis & i queued up & me being such a tea-totaler, grabbed a cup & pouredmyself a cup of hot water for my tea.  the country living folks provided a nice spread for our last break & i was looking forward to savoring my yummy brownie with some equally yummy tea.

after we got our refreshments, my sis jo & i started to head back to our seats in the grand ballroom (which btw had AMAZING views of the lake).  i noticed that the burner where the hot water urn was on was up high.  too high, i thought.  it occurred to me to put a lid on my cup of hot water. 

as i made my way downstairs, my cup tipped over & i caught it with my hand.  totally my BAD.  i must have had a delayed reaction as i didn’t feel the seering pain right away.  meanwhile, my sis, who was ahead of me, was chattering on about something when i suddenly felt the FIRE.  it was so incredibly intense…the burning sensation i felt on my right hand.  i told my sis that i needed ice & i needed it ASAP. 

anyway, long story short, i was casuality #2 at the CL event (the 1st being the gal i said who had passed out after lunch earlier).  i have never experienced being burned before, esp from scalding hot water. & in all the 4 WE events i have attended, i had never been injured.  lol.  anyway,  it was unbelievably excruitating.  i was in pain & i was also mortified.  the CL staff fussed over me & even got the emt peeps involved.  the emt guy joked & said that this was the second time they got called to the CL event in one afternoon.   oy… 

luckily, it was only a superficial burn.  thank God.  i was kinda doubtful at first because half the cup had spilt on my hand.  it wasn’t pretty folks.  but my hand is better now.  it’s not swollen or purple anymore.  idk what i would have done if it hadn’t…anyway, my sis asked me if i wanted to leave.  i told her no, let’s finish this out.  so we did, ice pack & all.  it was nice to hear the panelists’ stories.  the message that seemed to ring out loud & clear was this:  ignore the noise & follow your dreamseom2

or as i would like to say, ignore the noise & follow your bliss.  🙂

after all the talking was done, it was time to party & mingle with peeps @ the wine & cheese reception.  it was nice to talk with leigh and yolanda.  they are two of the WE of the year that we got a chance to chat with.  they were lovely to talk to & they imparted some very great advice.

i think that this year’s CL event was a bit different from the previous 3 WE events…there seemed to be a LOT of 1st-timers at this year’s WE event.  not 1st-time entrepreneurs, but more like 1st- time attendees.  my sis & i are somewhat “veterans” & can readily compare this year’s event with previous years.  possibly the subtle differences i picked up could very well be that there had been a changing of the guard at CL…new editors, new perspective perhaps?  all in all, it was still a good experience (minus the burn incident, hehehe!)…& man, did i ever  learned about trade shows?!

for me, going to CL’s WE event reaffirms that i am & continue to be on the right path.  it is reassuring to be surrounded by other like-minded souls who are 1) finding their dream, 2) daring to dream &/or 3) living their dream.  it all gives one an incredible sense of HOPE.   and POSSIBILITY. 

i think that is all the encouragement  i need to keep on keepin’ on.  eom3

yesterday was spent with family at brunch & then i had to head home to meet up with the dh to see the famed blue angels do their thing.  we got there just in time.  we had watched their amazing show a couple of years ago when they were in town & they are as fantastic as ever.  we heard & saw them practicing all week.  my pix really do not do them any justice because the men & woman who fly these incredible jets are extremely skilled & not to mention fearless.  my digicam didn’t stand a chance…it was kinda useless trying to capture their amazing feats.  they simply roared passed at lightening speed.  the sound of their engines was deafening too.  there is a certain thrill when watching these top-gun pilots perform their amazing manuevers with such  impeccable timing & precision so many miles up in the air.    unbelievable.eom4

after such an eventful weekend, it was no wonder i was ready to crash & burn.  i was pleasantly surprised, however,  when i noticed a vivid profusion of my blue-hued clematis, irises and veronicas in my garden. their colors were so brilliant.  i almost wanted to paint them…but i was too weary.  maybe someday i will paint them.  for now, this photo collage will have to do…

& i’m so THRILLED that i have less than a week of school left.  OMG. i will be jumping for JOY. 🙂

welp, that’s how my weekend adventures went.  i hope yours went well.  i am happy to report that the END IS NEAR, hehehe.

can’t wait for SUMMAH.  i will be free to create with abandon.  & i can’t wait.


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  1. Wow, I’m glad to hear that the burn wasn’t worse than it was. It sounds like a fun and well, quite an adventure.

  2. Wow- I’m so happy to hear that you’re okay now. Yowieeee!! Hugs!!

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