never ending BUSY


(a shot of one of my many beared irises, just after a light rain shower)

only 2 more therapy sessions left at the preschool & only 3 more therapy days at the elementary school…WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! 🙂

you have no any idea how much i want the school year to end…it’s been a l000000ong year, mostly at the elementary school.  so much freakin’ DRAMA there that it was ridiculous.  my word!  i simply cannot wait to be finally FREE.

i swear i am going to look for that twisted sister tune on you tube (“school’s out for the summer!!”) & post it somehow on my bloggy.  that will be my anthem this summer, hahaha!


(i came across these gorgeous poppies on my way home from school yesterday…the brilliant red & green just struck me…& i love poppies)


in addition to end of the year school busyness, i’ve been also working on completing some wips, like these atcs for the ancestor atc swap hosted by these gals.  the above is a “thank you” atc for hosting the swap.   rlaas1

i’ve been so engrossed with all things itty bitty, that i thought it was time to change things up a bit & venture outside my itty bitty world every once in awhile, hehehe.  i really believe that participating in a variety of artsy swaps or challenges do help to fuel your creativity & also give you opportunity to flex your creative muscles. 


the deadline for my sweet sentiment tag swap is fast approaching (JUNE 1st) & i have been making extra sets of taggies just in case… 


i’m kinda worried that some peeps may have dropped out & hadn’t for whatever reason given me a heads up. 😦

so lately, i’ve been finding snatches of time to whip up some extra tags whenever i can.  i’m being proactive, let’s just say.  & if i end up having a surplus, well then, i can always put them up in my etsy shop or something…


i also have been working on my itty bitty teacup book.  i did a trial run thru the binding machine to see how the book would look.  omg, how wicked adorable, if i do say so myself.  i extended the deadline to JUNE 10th due to some rather earnest requests to do so.  so i gladly obliged. 🙂 


during this past week, i got some mail love…always LOVE that, hehehe!  i’m participating in paper whimsy‘s “flipped art canvas” swap. i haven’t yet got to my project, but i did receive this beautifully flipped canvas from my partner, chris aka deedee (the early bird that she is as the deadline isn’t until june 10th!).  thank you so much chris, i simply adore it.  i plan on working on mine for my partner, tami r. sometime next week. 


i mentioned that i participated in ele‘s sweet tweet swap?  these are what i sent my partner, valerie d.  she loves to collect vintage recipe books & on one of my antiquing jaunts, i found a few that i thought might be of interest to her.  she also mentioned that she loves orbit’s sweet mint gum & i got that for her as well.  for ele’s swap, we were supposed to include a birdie-related giftie along with one handmade item (my fabric tussie mussie) and a sweet treat (the orbit gum). 


since we learned that we were paired up, valerie & i have been emailing one another & learning so many fun things.  i think we are kindred spirits, yay!  it’s always so much nicer when you make a really nice connection…a really nice by-product of swaps. 🙂

& omg, valerie went nuts n bolts with my swap package>>>


she totally SPOILT me!!!!  i love everything that she so thoughtfully & also generously sent my way.  everything was so prettily wrapped, i hated to tear into them.  she & i actually called each other up on the phone & opened our swap packages at the same time, hehehe!  it was great fun getting to talk to her in real time.  🙂

okay, i think i posted what i wanted to post on the bloggy.  now i have to get myself ready to hit the road.  i’m off to chi-town today as my sis & i are going to meet up with my pal cj for country living‘s women entrepreneur event.  it’s going to be held at navy pier, how exciting!

then on sunday, hubby & i are going to airfest, a local airshow in town.  the blue angels are headlining the show.  all week, both here at home & at school, we’ve been hearing the jets come whizzing by at lightening speed. 

oh boy, never any rest for the weary…it’s go, go, go this weekend!

i’ll be back with the full scoop of my adventures.  until then, have an awesome weekend! 🙂 xoxo mary ann


2 Responses

  1. Many wonderful things! Those tage (esp Marie Antoinette!) are lovely, the tea cup book looks gorgeaus – such a great idea! And those packages… I do miss my old swapping days a bit when I see such wonderful packages!

    I´ve decided that my summer pages are finished, and I´ll look for someone to copy them. I´m also working on your tea pages – I thought I´d ship them together.

  2. IT all looks wonderful! Love the little eggs with words on them, and the bird salt and pepper shakers! Great work ladies!

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