weekend in montage

5.18.09 addendum



artwalk5a few months ago, my friend cj asked me to be her featured artist for a local arty event known as ARTWALK.  it is a 2-day affair.  since i had a bunch of artwork left over from the art event held last st. patrick’s day weekend (i was featured then too), i didn’t stress as much as usual to make new things (which was a good thing because it is still nuts n bolts at the schools).  i decided to advertise >>>artwalk3wasn’t sure how well this would go over.  but i was pleasantly surprised (actually more like shocked, hehehe)  when peeps actually took me up on this!  so now i have a few orders to fulfill in the coming days/weeks.

 i also wanted to experiement with these>>>artwalk4

inchie magnets, my newest creations!  they surprisingly were a hit.  many people bought these.  yay!


hopefully when i am finally DONE with all this school business, i will have the time then to properly restock my online shops (the website & etsy) with new stuff.   let me tell you, it’s hard trying to juggle my speech therapy practice AND my online stuff.  also, being a one-person operation doesn’t make things any easier either.  seriously.  i wish i could afford hiring a personal assistant.  it so would free up a ton of time for me & i can concentrate on the creative aspect of the business.  ahhh, maybe some day…  

anyhoo, i digress.  in the interest of time (as i have to scoot to school this morning), i made these photo montages of my adventures this weekend. 🙂

friday and saturday i was doing ARTWALK at my friend cj’s gorgeous shop  (thanks a million sweetie!!!! xoxo)>>>


there was a lot of foot traffic on friday night.  but i think the allure of FREE food was the main reason.  not much buying going on.  just a ton of socializing and slobbing out on enjoying the delicious complimentary refreshments. 

but i suppose that is what goes on sometimes at these kind of events when free goodies are offered. the “vultures” (as my bff calls them) come out of the woodwork.   it’s shameful but that’s par for the course, i guess.  you gotta put up with some grief in order to get your work out there. 

day 2 of ARTWALK, faired better.  thank goodness.  it was all day (10-4) and that’s when business picked up.  it was such a pleasant surprise.  it’s kinda overwhelming to go from “what do you do with that?!” (from the night before) to “i LOVE your artwork!”  gee, what a difference a day makes, you know? sure, there were still some peeps who came in just for the free food, but there were also interested buyers!   


i also met a man from a consignment shop/art gallery just over the border & we talked about possibly putting some of my artwork on consignment there.  wow, another unexpected thing. 

day 2 of ARTWALK definitely made up for day 1.  without a doubt. 🙂

then yesterday, i got up at the crack of dawn & went here>>>


it was a bit nippy at first, but it warmed up to be a gorgeous day.  it was super packed, as expected, on opening day.  i was NOT missing being a dealer there, like i had been last year with my sis, lil niece & mom.  especially all the hard work that is involved setting up & manning a booth.  did not miss that one bit!

i revelled in the fact that i could SHOP!

when i first got into the fair, i spotted this very familiar blue dress in one dealer’s booth.  wouldn’t you know it was the one i must’ve sold last year from my booth.  know how i knew it was my dress & not another?


i looked at the sash & when i owned the dress it had this wicked deep crease on the bow.  uh-huh…i was right!  the crease is still there!

 what goes around, comes around, right?

the thrill of the hunt yielded some very cool goodies>>>


& that’s just the small-ish stuff!  lol, i still have some large-ish pieces in the car, ha!  i was too pooped from my day-long antiquing adventures, that i left them in the car.  hopefully, i will get them out later today.  that is, if i am not too tired from working with the preschoolers.


on my way home from the antique fair, i was overwhelmed with the intensity of COLOR.


these past few days were a bit of a whirlwind, but they were oh so profitable, both time & money.   i came away with getting my name out there with the local art community, a number of custom work orders (yay!) and procuring some really great finds!


to be sure, it was definitely an art & adventure-filled weekend indeed. 


serve me more of the same, pls.

thank you in advance!



4 Responses


  2. hi there,
    artwork sounds like lots of fun,
    Just been visiting for some inspiration…..

  3. Thanks for shopping with us- and for the post- and for showing my bird prism. Those were so fun to do and I am glad people are enjoying them. I thought Elkhorn had GREAT shopping ( I did squeak in some myself) – lots of quality dealers. Sure looks like you found some great stuff! We’ll be back there in June again.

    Visit again soon-


  4. Love your items. THe things you make are wonderful!

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