art challenge plus swap in one

omg, did you see the season finale of grey’s anatomy?!  was that not totally CRAZY?!  i cannot believe that not one but two grey’s character’s are f’ed up.  talk about major cliff hanger, ya know?  are izzy & george really getting canned from the cast?!  idk, haven’t been keeping up with my grey’s gossip. 

anyway, as i got sucked into the grey’s drama, i worked on this arty wip.  it’s actually part art challenge and part swap wip.  the 1st part is a challenge that i stumbled on while persuing the blogosphere & i came across this cool art meme>>>linda_and_rosies_badge

from what i understand, the hostesses provide a specific theme & participants create a piece of artwork.  i just happened to come across their site when they provided this lovely vintage photo prompt  (this prompt will end may 22 & then a new one will be announced). 

here’s my digi alteration…

artchal1_edited-2the “blob” (for lack of a better term, hehehe) on the gal’s shoulder is supposed to be the lil birdie that seems to be away from its cage. i am such a softie when it comes to all things aviary & so i had to do something with this challenge image.

then i thought about what to make for my swap partner, val d.  she and i have been paired up in ele‘s sweet tweet swap (another birdie related themed swap).    we have been emailing each other & having fun getting better acquainted (she lives one state away from me!)…she is also nuts about birdies.  yay!  🙂

so i thought i’d print out the digi collage i created for the art challenge.  1st i thought i would make an aceo or a small wall hanging. then an idea struck me.  why not experiement with printing on fabric?   i had some left over pink polka dotted fabric & i thought, what the heck.  there’s always a first time for everything, right? 

here’s how things panned out>>>


wow, i couldn’t believe that it worked.  well sorta…some of the digi layers  (like the sheet music & old handwritten text; tho the ruler came out rather nicely) didn’t quite translate onto the fabric.  but i’m still amazed.  not bad for my 1st attempt.

4vd2i made a tussie mussie not too long ago for the paper whimsy swap.  & i still had the template.  it’s a really nice one with scalloped edges.  so i thought i’d make one for val. 


i hope that she will like.  my lil sewing machine kinda went haywire with the stitching.  lol…i was having all sorts of stitching mishaps so i had to switch to hand stitching/gluing during the second hour of the grey’s season finale. 


i think it turned out ok.  i like it.  hope val does too.

tomorrow on will be a whirlwind…i’ll be participating in an art fair again the next couple of days & the the big antique/flea opener is this sunday.  ART and ANTIQUING…two of my fave obsessions.  i will be the featured artist at my dear pal’s gorgeous boutique & then i will finally be a BUYER instead of a dealer at the humongo antique fair!  yay!  i’ll be sure to take pix of my adventures.  🙂

okay, it’s late & i’ve a big day ahead tomorrow.  until next time, have a great weekend!!! xo mary ann


5 Responses

  1. Fantastic art work!

  2. Hi Mary Ann…I’m so glad you decided to join in with our challenge. I love the way you showed and explained the process; every stage is lovely…and the finished piece is delightful!
    Linda 🙂

  3. So glad that we managed to inspire you, and I love how you worked on the photo and how you explain the stages in your thinking. Really brilliant to share and the result is excellent!
    Thanks for taking part.
    Rosie ABAA

  4. Thank you so much for working with my Aunt Rosinas photo, you have done so much with it too. Your work is lovely and I hope your friend is pleased when it arrives, I know I would be. The printing on fabric looks super and i cant believe it was your first attempt, you did a great job. thanks again, Jaqi

  5.…wow…this is awesome work. What a brilliant way to use the photo. I love this…!
    Bravo x

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