just tagging along


wiley, the youngest ginger kitty in our tribe, was very curious while i was busy working on jenny‘s


like wiley, i am just batty (or is it birdie?) over anything aviary-related.  so when jenny’s swap came up, i just couldn’t resist (as crazy busy & under the weather as i have been)…so i set out to create 12 tags using a bird & crown theme.  in return, i will be getting a book of tags created by other bird-loving peeps.



the birdie and crown images were from collage sheets that i got from the uber talented patty.  the rest were from my stash of miscellaneous papers and various other fripperie. 


& this little number was my extra tag that i sent along as my thank you to jenny (who is expecting very soon!) props to her for hosting!!mbs3

after about a week of eating soup and drinking oj & gingerale (sometimes together for my “mock” mimosas, haha!), i finally had appetite for more solid food (albeit, junk food from the local chicago-style deli place, hehehe).  hubby did the deli run and after we ate our delish grub, little patches jumped in the box…fratchinthebox1

looking at us as if she were saying, hey what about me?!fratchinthebox2

the dh wanted me to take a bunch snaps of her looking so cute in the box.  (AND not to mention, insisted i post the pix on the bloggy).fratchinthebox3

not long after this impromptu photo session with patches, i couldn’t stop making MORE (hehehe) teacup pagesmoretcups1_edited-1

for the itty bitty teacup book swap that i’m currently hosting over in the fyb ning group.   (tcup pages due JUNE 5th)ibvtcupbadge3aanyone who knows me, knows that i go nuts over all things TEA. my lil brain simply went into overload, brimming with non-stop ideas for pages.  like a marie-inspired one…moretcups2

i used the scraps that i had left over from that marie collage that i posted awhile ago…

then i got this darlin’ image from here not too long ago & just had to use it!moretcups3

& then i found in my stash, this sweet image from here & i couldn’t NOT include it either!moretcups4

& then lucky me, found this flapper-inspired gem on ebay recently…i knew i just had to have it included in the book as well.moretcups5

see, i told you, i went a little TEA crazy with my pages…but you do not understand, i LOVE TEA! hehehe…  i could keep making more and more and more tea pages if i wanted, you know.  hmmm, that might be a nice idea for a personal art project…


TODAY, i got crack-a-lacking on my set of tags for the tag book swap i’m hosting:

3341304196_35cf399d37_o the tags are due JUNE 1st!


we have 45 peeps participating and i divided them into three smaller groups.  i am in GROUP III.ssts2

first i took a bunch of shipping tags & dumped them into a baking dish filled with HOT raspberry tea.  i thought that it would be a neat way to add color to the otherwise plain beige-y tags.  ssts3

then i took some pink pearlescent liquid acrylic paint & brushed it on all the tag fronts.  i thought it would give them a wonderful sheen. 🙂

after all that pearly paint dried, i went nuts n bolts with all the paper ephemera & other bits n bobs that i had at my disposal.  et voila, sweet sentiment tags!ssts4

i have a bunch more tags that i tea-stained and then painted.  i had such fun creating these pretties that i just might  make some more, lol!

hope you had a wonderful mother’s day weekend!

i know i did completing all these lovelies.

until nextime, have a super week!

xo mary ann


3 Responses

  1. Mary Ann
    What an inspiring & creative post. Thanks for sharing all your work. And your cat pics… too cute 🙂
    Take care!

  2. Oh my goodness! You’ve been a busy busy bird! Love everything, especially the bird tags. I’ve been in a bird mood lately as well and just completed a canvas last night. Well, it might be done. I’m not sure yet. Keep up the beautiful work!

  3. Wow!! You’re a busy lady. I’m busily working on all of the tags from the tag swaps I’ve been participating in. I love yours!

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