thinking happy thoughts


 i’ve noticed that i tend to get more sick when i work in the schools than when i ever worked in the hospitals.  these past few days, i’ve been a sort of wretch… perhaps a touch of bronchitis or sinus infection?  idk…with all the talk about the swine flu, i thought i’d lay low & get over what it is that’s been ailing me. 

today i am feeling a bit better, but i’m still coughing and sniffling.  i am going to school today and arm myself with lots of clorox wipes, kleenex and hand sanitizer, hehehe. 

hoping my day will go by quickly because i’d rather be at home resting and fighting this bug that apparently is still hanging around.

anyway, just wanted to let you know that i’m still kicking. 🙂

have a super day! xo mary ann

p.s., sweet girl and text images from here.  the rest digitally created by yours truly.


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  1. When I worked in childcare and volunteered in the schools, I had more childhood diseases then than when i was a child.

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