weekend in review

i’m starting to see the light at the proverbial end of the tunnel…

this weekend was not only the most productive one in a very long while, but one that was filled with lots of studio time & antiquing jaunts (two of my most favorite things to do). 

yesterday, i went to mad city where i found a ton of fun arty-crafty stuff from the scrap n stamp garage sale.  i found some really good deals on gently used stamps, papers, ephemera and tools.  i forgot to take pix of my loot because i got so engrossed on working on some wips, like these…






i got to work on my tcup pages for the itty bitty vintage tea cup book swap that i am hosting in the fyb ning network. 

i also started working on these altered tag wips, but i am no where ready to take pix.  i hope to work on them some more tomorrow afterschool.

a few weeks ago, i made this tussie mussie for the paper whimsy swap.  my partner was patricia s.  & she received it the other day & says she is delighted.  i am so glad as i am relatively new in the paper whimsy swaps & don’t know many people in there.  but i do like the paper whimsy products and their fun art swaps.  i am such a sucker for good art swaps, especially ones that have a good track record & peeps who make seriously fab art!


4patricia1then, not too long ago earlier this week, i received my wonderful tussie mussie from my partner, sandee h.fromsandee1

i love the greens and blues…reminds me of the sunny, blue sky days we’ve been having lately (& it’s about time too!)…

then i completed another wip for maria rodarte‘s marie collage swap.  swappers were instructed to create a mixed media collage utilizing a stretched canvas, dividing the canvas into 12 spaces.

4martha1 this is what i  made for my partner, martha b.  & this was what martha made me!frommartha1don’t you love when artists are given general set of instructions and then the fun part is seeing each person’s interpretations?  my collage is in excess/chaotic mode (lol), while martha’s collage is more orderly and restrained…n’est ce pas?


thanks martha for your wonderful collage piece and for the sweet card and fabulous extras.  merci beaucoup!frommartha3

(the stamp, crown and birdie are magnets!  while the bird textile is a wonderfully handmade pin! LOVE!)

i also got a chance to update my booth over at the antique barn.  after this past month, i had some empty spots that i had to promptly fill up.  lots of holes in the shop…so i went on a mini-buying spree and first chance i got, i filled in those bare spots.  ab3

on one of my recent antiquing forays, i came across a vintage foamie mannequin that now proudly displays this sweet vintage prom dress.  the dress used to hang, rather forlornly i might add, on the curtain rod in the closet.  but not anymore, thanks to the handy dress form that i snatched up the other day.


i also needed to spruce up the closet area.  it was not being well-utilized. so the one day after school, i went to one of my antique haunts and scooped up a bookshelf that had been painted white (perfect!).  i placed this new find in the closet…ab1

where it now showcases new merch i just put in. i found a couple of cool signs too and more miniature dress forms.ab4



i can’t believe this pretty little lefton pink birdie dish was actually someone’s ashtray!  omg.  who in their right mind would dig their disgusting cigarette butts in this pretty little dish?  such a crime, is what i say!  lol, so i rescued it from some potential smoker looking for a pretty little ashtray, ha!ab7

this area was looking a bit disheveled, so i had to tidy things up in here.  someone had purchased the vintage slip that was underneath this pretty checked apron.  so in its place, i added the crinoline skirt as the mannequin looked kinda “naked” with just the apron, hehehe.ab9

this green shelf had a bunch of holes too.  so i had to pluck some items off other places to fill in the gaps.  ab10

i might stop by the shop after school tomorrow to see if i need to tidy things up so more.  sometimes i can’t believe i have all this “junque” to even have a booth at all!  but i am super grateful that things have been selling in there, especially nowadays with how the economy is and all… the mall owner, mark, told me recently that i have a following now, after only being open since february!  wow, that was pleasant surprise.   also, a few times, when i was working in my booth, some kind customers actually have told me that my booth was their “favorite” booth.  another, wow.  that’s nice to know that i’m doing something right. 

idk, i just pick up things that i like and don’t mind reselling.  i figure, it’s better to buy what you love.  because chances are, others will too.



okay, it’s getting late…just wanted to recap my weekend activities. 

less than a month left before i am a FREE BIRD, hehehe!  i can’t wait.  it won’t be long now. & soon, i will be an extremely happy camper.

until next time, have a super week! xoxo mary ann


3 Responses

  1. Ohhh What a fun filled weekend you’d had! I love the booth. I can see why it would have a following. You’ve made it such an inviting place to visit. I had a both a couple times along with my mother. We had the best time with the booth and shopping for items to put in it. We just have the attention of fleas so we didn’t do the booths longer than a year or two.
    I love all the projects you’ve been working on. The Tussie mussie is especially adorable.

  2. Oh my goodness. You have been so busy. So many fabulous creations

  3. I LOVE those tea cups — they are adorable!!
    And, of course I love the bits and pieces Marie Canvas that you created for me — it is fabulous!!

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