summer lovin’


i just created this badge in my pse for a new itty bitty swap i am hosting over at the follow your bliss ning group.  sign-ups are in progress & will end at the end of this month.  book pages will be due in my hands july 1st.  to get in on this swap, you’ll either be an existing fyb member or you can sign-up here for a modest subscription fee. 

less than a month away now (YAHOO!!!) until school breaks for the summer.  omg, i cannot wait, can i just tell you?!

it has been one LOOOOOOOOOOOONG year at the schools.  & i am more than ready to be DONE.  when my last day comes, i will break out that twisted sister tune, school’s out for the summer!



okay, i will be back later.  i’ll be in mad city today. gtg (got to go) because there is a big garage sale going on at my fav scrap n’ stamp store there & then there’s a couple of  antique malls that i can’t not stop in afterwards, hehehe.

hey, a girl’s gotta have some fun after a couple of heinous weeks at school, right? 


(oh, that’s ta ta for now!)

xo xo mary ann    


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