taking a break


sadgirl (image from acclaim images.com)


    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

      William Shakespeare, “Hamlet”, Act 1 scene 4


i haven’t been able to post anything lately or do much of anything either(!) due to my horrendous school workload (& not to mention the inordinate doses of DRAMA i’ve been subjected to at school),

 i had a rough week at school this week & it’s kinda taken the wind out of my sails. 


i am in desperate need of a break.

 i have a number of arty wips LOOMING overhead & i have not been able to get to any of them these past couple of weeks. 

it’s been making me a total wreck.& also WICKED CRANKY!!!

so, in case you were wondering, i’m going offline for awhile.  i will be up to my eyeballs in end of year school crap meetings, evaluations & paperwork in the coming weeks. 

i am not a happy camper.

june 10th could not come soon enough for me.

if i’m lucky enough to catch a break, i may be able to post a slideshow or two of the GREEN and soon-to-be completed PAPER DOLL itty bitty books. 

i can’t promise you tho, but i will try!

until then,  i would greatly appreciate any postive MOJO that you can send over my way.


take care mes amies!

mary ann xoxo 


6 Responses

  1. Hi Mary Ann
    Take care of yourself. Sending you some hugs & juju.

  2. I’m sending you tons and tons and tons of positive mojo…..take a break and recoup and recharge and we’ll see you soon! I LOVE YOU!! XOXOXOXOXOXO

  3. Lots and LOTS of good vibes your way, my friend! Hang in there!~~~XXOO, Beth

  4. don’t let those negative peeps bring you down…you’re the professional and it’s their loss if they don’t accept the plain truth…’member, you’re the advocate for the child esp. when the parents are so blindly in denial…you’ll see-someone else will probably tell them the same thing you’ve said…it’s probably going to take a mack truck to wake them up……so
    fa-getta ’bout ’em and fill your soule with creativity…you’ll feel soooo much better doing the things you love…ps. thanks so much for having us over during the lil’ munchkins’ break…so glad we were there to comfort you during that horrific ordeal…we LOVE you to pieces and you’re one of the best Aunties they have who always seems to shower them with amazing treats that they’ll treasure for a lifetime! so very lucky to have you in our lives-pps. thanks so much for ALL of my amazing goodies, itty bitties and French loves!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox jo and the munchkins 😉

  5. Hope you are having a better week.

    It seems like the whole world is being fueld by high stress situations right now.

    Hang on and hope tomorrow is better.

  6. Something’s been rotten in Georgia too. Here’s hoping for some air freshener!

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