spring catsup

coming up for some air from all that itty bitty business! 


with school & completing the itty bitty wips (& not to mention other wips!), i have not had a proper chance to share some of my delicious finds from my antiquing/thrifting/shopping jaunts over the past several weeks (or is it the past several months?!).  in fact, i don’t think i have posted my once regular, friday’s finds because i’ve been so crazy, uber busy.  i hope that things will change in a couple of months when the school year finally (finally!) ends. & things simmer the hell down. i will have to ressurect that.  seriously.  i have been a wreck lately, truth be told.


it has been sheer madness ever since i took on that other school contract at the beginning of the year.  i have been so ornery & cranky.  not pretty.  i’m so mad & disappointed in myself that i did not pay attention to the deadline for this amazing event.   argh, my head hurts just thinking about it.   it kills me really because i had so wanted to go there last year!  & i vowed that i would go this year.  but my freakin’ new work schedule just royally messed me up & threw me wicked off balance.   so much so that i missed the registration deadline by 2 days.  you have no idea the depth of my utter disappointment.  it’s my own damn fault.  & now i must wait until next year.  OMG.


anyhoo, i digress.  what was i saying?  oh yes, my fantastic finds.  to counteract my insane work schedule, i scour my local favorite antique malls & thrift shops to basically unwind & forget my troubles. 


 it’s total retail therapy.  idk, there’s something therapeutic about strolling down an antique-laden aisle at a leisurely pace & poking thru bins & boxes, on the hunt for some new treasures.  now i don’t always come away with treasures after these welcomed excursions.  but i find them a nice way to relax, destress &  just simply allow myself to dream & imagine the possibilities.  i feel considerably calmer when i have been on one of my afterschool excursions.   





i cannot think clearly when i am at work.   there is frankly too much noise.  (by noise, i mean distractions & ridiculous drama.)  not just the school children, but also the teaching staff.  they are constantly making “noise.”  too much for my liking.   that is why i cannot wait until the school year ends.  i will have my summer off from all the noise. & come next fall, i am not going to get sucked into the vortex, like i had this year.   ooohhh NO.  i know better.

ff315d ff315e




(see what i mean?  when i get away from the noise, i find some really coolio stuff!)


i will be able to concentrate on what matters to me: STUDIO time!  i have had to put my personal projects on the back burner & it’s been making me a total wreck.   & i DON”T LIKE IT. 

so retail therapy has been my coping mechanism over the past several weeks/months.  it’s my escape from all that ridiculous school noise.  yes, i do yoga too for stress management, but it’s not like shopping, hehehe.  with shopping, i find really cool stuff.

 i found these vintage lovlies on ebay not too long ago.    


aren’t they wicked sweet?ff47b

ff47c & this nested set of birdie boxes…from michael’s.  they were on sale this week. & i am such a sucker for birds.

i took a stroll down etsy lane & found these fabulous prints by flo larios (left) and danita art (right).  they have websites, but their links escape me.   just google them, that’ll lead you in the right direction. 🙂


again, anything with birds & tea time, i’m done for, lol. 

ok, i know i am rambling on in this post.  but hey, this is the first day in a LONG time that i am not frantically rushing around to get to school!  thankfully this school is on spring vacation!  can i get a woot, woot?!  i haven’t had time to post on the bloggy like i ordinarily do.  so, i’m going whole hog here. 

just a few more pix & then i must get back crack-a-lacking on those itty bitty birthday books.  i got some mail love recently. 

my friend mahala sent me this stunning handmade confection from a real egg, no less!from-mahala1_edited-1

fromme1  thank you so much mahala!!!  this certainly will be a treasured easter/spring decoration. xoxo

then i finally(!) received my copy of last year’s zne‘s convenzione zaftig book collab.  what a surprise to see this come in the mail the other day.  i almost forgot about it.  my contribution is pictured on the right.


& this little beaut is from my swap partner, christy l.  she made me this fantastic atc block for the paper whimsy atc block swap i mentioned a few posts ago. 


 love the colors & the details.  thank you so much christy!!

ok, i think i’ve gotten myself caught up with all these pix & ramblings.  now, it’s back to the sweatshop.  those itty bitties await! 

until next time, have a super day!  xo mary ann


6 Responses

  1. So many great things there! Such fun.

  2. WOWZERS…great finds! I like the pic of the Prom Dresses from the 50’s (?). And birds….love them, too! Thanks for letting us see what you found and now OWN! I’m jealous!
    Sorry you had such a bummer with the “event”….darn.
    BUT….see you in Sept!!!

  3. PS…wasn’t Jenny Doh going to be there?

  4. woot…woot!!!! man-oh-man alive…did you ever hit the jackpot, melady!!!!!!!!! ommmmmmmmmmmmm what perfect treasures you found on your lil’ escapade (hee-hee)…as ian would say in a robotic fashion…me.must.go.treasure.hunting.with.you… really lovin’ lil’ red hiding hood, the finger/hand deal, the birdie stuff, the vintagey kids’ books, and those etsy finds are truly AMAZING!!!!!!!!!…love, love, the lil’ gals, trees + teas…plus your mail loves,,,what beauties…ALL OF ‘EM!!!! you’re one lucky lil’ lady…oh yea…about the (*#&*$^%) school…remember ‘HIT and NA/NA/NA!!!!okah?????????? can’t wait to see all the itty bitty loves-me thinks you might need another glass case to display those lil’ wonder books-lol……..xoxo jo 😉

  5. thanks everyone! i have been meaning to post these finds that i gathered over the past few months…i’m planning to somehow create digi-stuff with a lot of them!

    yeh, it was a major bummer about SAW…but then i “saw” the pjammers gathering & i just had to fill the void, ya know?!

    & thanks loon…i knew you would know what i was saying…you got the same sort of business by you, lol!

    okay, i’m getting ready to go to the other, nicer school.

    have a gorgeous day! xoxo mary ann 🙂

  6. oh janella, those prom pix are from 1956 i think it said on the back of them. they are actually SIX photos i found, i only showed 2. & they are 8×10 photos too!

    yes, can’t wait for sept either!!!! xo

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