up to my eyeballs

it’s itty bitty central over here at my house.

i am just OVERWHELMED lately with trying to complete, not one


(vintage birthday pages)

but TWO itty bitty books!  things have gotten hectic & backed up, which i don’t even want to get into right now…but as soon as i wrap up the vintage bday books…it’s onto the green books in rapid succession. 


& here i thought i was going to have somewhat of a break this week with one school on spring vacation.

HA!  the forces that be…oh how cruel they can be!


5 Responses

  1. Itty Bitty…..BIG WOW! These are adorable. Especially like the little green girl with wings!
    You’re a busy girl…how fun to see all this wonderful art in your own home! F-U-N!

  2. hey thanks jan-ella! 🙂

    i know right now, i’m on itty bitty overload, but when it is said & done, these books always have a way of making all the trouble WORTH IT!!!!

    can’t wait to meet you in sept!!!! xo

  3. I think they are going to look fabulous!!

  4. That is alot of itty bitty books 🙂 Keeping you very busy I see.

  5. hey alicia & seuss’s cat…thanks for stopping by. it’s a TON of work, but in the end, it’s going to be worth it. just doesn’t seem like it right now, lol. 🙂

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