seeping into my line of vision

over the years, i discovered that i have trained my eye to seek out not only particular objects, but colors too.  this is largely unconscious.  i don’t know why i am drawn to certain colors first before others.  but something within me responds.  & i must fill my world with these colors.  again, i don’t know why or what drives me to do so.  they just do. 

have you ever noticed that you are attracted to a certain color(s) on your jaunts out & about? 

whenever i come across my color palette…


my heart leaps for joy for some inexplicable reason.  i feel i must acquire that object, be it paper ephemera, antique linen or bits & bobs, whatever catches my fancy & is in my palette.  perhaps it is to satiate the desire to surround myself with what i consider ‘beautiful’ & simply appreciate their  beautiful aesthetic appeal?  yes, that must be it. 

i cannot help myself but be continually drawn to these colors.  they keep coming into my artwork, as if  seeping into my line of vision & my creative dreams.

take this art block, for example . 


 i participated in sarah‘s wooden atc swap over in the paper whimsy art group & this is what i came up with for my swap partner, caryl.  like all my artwork, i have but a vague idea what i’ll create.  for caryl’s block, i just let my hands, so to speak, do the work.  seriously.  i put my art apron on, got out my brushes, paints & other art supplies & just started.  i painted and collaged, using the techniques i learned from misty‘s wonderful classes, & before i knew it, i created this piece in my color palette!  omg.   it was not entirely intentional, you know.  it’s just how it happened.  the spontaneity of the creative process…

some people are drawn to bright colors.  some only to b & w. some to dark, moody colors.  well, for me, i am drawn to these soft pastels.  they act as my creative muse, whether i realize it or not.  i had no idea until recently how much my color palette dictates my choices.  not that that’s a bad thing, mind you.  i just have more of a conscious awareness. whereas before, i was not really that mindful.  discerning, but not really mindful. 

take a moment & see what color(s) you tend to reach for next time you are out & about.   & ask yourself what is it about this color/these colors that appeals to you so much.  you just might be surprised at how much your color choices paint your world.


3 Responses

  1. hi
    Im only attracted to softcolurs nature vintage shabby in white and brown colours but I love dark purple and some kind of light blue colur.Im aware of it that everything I do goes in that colurs and it can be boring but I cant add colurs in my world..guess Im afraid of using colurs?

  2. hi naija,

    i say it’s bec. something within you responds to those certain colors. we don’t know why but yet we are drawn to them. i say we should color our world with whatever resonates with us…don’t you?

    thanks for adding your thoughts about this & for stopping by!

    🙂 mary ann

  3. I know how you feel, about being drawn to colours. For me, it´s in periods, it´s often candy colours, kinda like your favourites. Lately it has been surprisingly prime colours – red, green, yellow even. It´s always pink and green, though – all shades pretty much! But one thing I simply can´t resist is polkadots – give me a polkadot, and I´m happy. Do I have to say that I love the covers of your pink itty bitty book?

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