springy goodness

even though it is supposed to SNOW (omg!) later this afternoon, i am still going to THINK SPRING!

i’m nearly ready to close out the itty bitty spring book swap in the ning group.  i’m in the process of stuffing & labelling packages still.  i hope to get the books out to the gals who participated in this sweet book collab very very soon.  this time around, there was a higher than usual drop-out rate, so i took it upon myself to make up some extra pages.  it was a bit frustrating to say the least, but i am glad i did it because the book turned out nice (& fat)! 🙂


my sis & i are hosting a giveaway in the ning group to show our deep appreciation for all the wonderful creative souls who are in the group.  rather than rehash stuff, pls. read all about our “member appreciation giveaway” here.

while we are on the subject of spring, i participated in dionne‘s sweet birdcage   don’t you just love her illio?  i do…that’s how i got into her swap.  her wicked cute badge sucked drew me in, hehehe. 🙂 i told my sis about it & she joined in as well.

anyway, dionne partnered me with kris , who is a chocolatier (what a yummy job!) & this is the lovely parcel she sent me:    fromkrise5

the chocolates she sent me were scrump-tilly-icious!!!!!!!!  can i say yumm-O?!  i usually stick to my dove dark chocolates when it comes to chocolates…but these specialty ones were da bomb, hehehe.  i thought those cute pastel eggs were those jordan almonds.  man, was i fooled.  i was bracing myself for the ” hard bite” & then was delightfully surprised that it was a creamy, minty choc instead.  oooh yeah!  also, i love the bits of bling she so generously sent my way.  wow, how did she know that i wear silver jewelry & that i heart butterflies??!  thank you thank you thank you kris for everything!! xoxo

here’s a sneak peek for you kris (tee-hee)…forkrise1

i sent this parcel post a few days ago…i hope it reaches you soon & in one piece!  aaaaand i hope you will be delighted as i was in putting it all together especially for you!!!

ok, enough chatting about on the bloggy.  i’ve got some other arty wips to get crack-a-lacking on as well as make a grocery store  run before the big storm hits! 

until next time, have a super weekend &  THINK SPRING!

xoxo mary ann


9 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing the fun springy creations with us. I’m really ready for Spring!!
    Hope you’re enjoying the weekend

  2. […] goodness Collected by followyourbliss07 00 mins ago from firstborn.wordpress.com // Event.onDOMReady(function() { // sizeText($(‘video_title’), 475); // }) collect this […]

  3. hey thanks nerissa. i know what you mean! hope you are having a good one with the fam.

    the dh keeps chanting, melt, melt, melt…we got about 3 inches of snow & the sun is out right now.

    have a great week!

    🙂 mary ann

  4. Mentioned you on my blog today!

  5. woweeeeeeeeee!!! how wonderfully lucky are you both!!! yes, i sure do love Dionne’s springtime badge…delicately sweet! thanks so much for discovering Dionne and her swap! man, those are really beautiful swap goodies from your partner and what you’re sending out to her…love the colours, that sweet spring fever button and the chocolates sound + look DIVINE!!! the Spring ibb looks fantabulous!!! can’t wait to hold it in my hands…trying to keep thinking SPRING as i’m freezing typing this comment..snowtime should be over…maybe it’s Mother Nature’s last hurrah…it’ll be in the 70’s before we know it, right?!!! yes, my mantra right now…’think spring, think spring!’ xoxo loon 😉

  6. thanks gina for the shout out! 🙂

    & thanks loon! we got dumped on, but the sun is melting the snow slowly but surely! we got about 3 inches. it wicked cold tho!

    lala reya xoxoxo

  7. Those book pages are just darling! What a lovely idea!

    And I love the goodies that you and Kris swapped! What lovely gifts! I am glad that you guys participated! I can’t wait to be part of one of your future swaps!

    Once I get the links of posts from the rest of the swappers, I will post them all up in a future post.

  8. thanks dionne for your kind comments! 🙂 i had fun swapping with my partner. thank you so much for hosting this fab swap!! xo mary ann 🙂

  9. I love how giddy we all were about this swap…and everyone got such lovely things! We are one talented group of individuals, aren’t we? I can’t wait until our next one!

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