layers of luv


as tedious as creating this badge was on my pse, i am amazed at how it turned out!  it took me some 50 layers to create this badge for the new itty bitty book swap i’m hosting in my ning group

the other night, last tuesday, as a matter of fact, i forced myself to go to my computer class in that gawd-awful typhoon-like downpour.  & i am so glad that i did because my instructor talked at length about LAYERS.  omg. i sure learned a bunch of kewl tricks.  that john, he is a clever one!

today, when i got home afterschool, i set to work on this badge.  it took me quite a long time to get this badge looking this way.  i got a taste of what it must be like for web and graphic designers who do this sort of thing on a daily basis.  this digital manipulating thing  is wicked time-consuming!  seriously.

but still, i am loving all this digi-stuff.  i can’t get enough of it.  me, the self-professed non-techie, is now totally embracing all things digital.  i can hardly believe myself.  & i find as i practice, i get more & more hooked.   it is unbelievably addicting.  i just wish there were more hours in the day for me to play.  my head is whirling with all sorts of fun ideas. 

{sigh} i am finally going to submit to my exhaustion & call it a night.  i wish i had the energy right now to keep at it, but the body, oh how it is weary.  i still have a bunch of wips awaiting completion…ughhh, they will all have to wait until the morning, i’m afraid (the story of my life!)…

sometimes multi-tasking can be a gift.  & sometimes, a hindrance.  lately for me it seems the latter.

4 Responses

  1. Beautiful! I took a photoshop class recently and I found layers very challenging. This is inspiring!

  2. thanks amy for your kind words! i really am digging all the kewl things you can do in photoshop. it is astounding really on the vast array of tricks and techniques out there!!! i am eager to practice some more and more and more. 🙂 mary ann xo

  3. Nice!! It looks great! I create all of our graphics for my work website, and it’s fun, but you’re right – very time consuming! Layers are your friend! 🙂

  4. thanks dear tammy! yes, i did thought about you bec. i knew you designed web stuff, etc. omg, i can see why folks charge what they do!!!! & yes, that is what my instructor john told us too that layers are our friend!!!!

    hope married life is treating you and hubby well! xo mary ann 🙂

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