SWEET TAG groups!

tags7ok, i took the rare opportunity this morning to get at the groups in this swap i’m hosting.  so here’s how it all went down:


2.kate vee & me
5.jo creates
7.chocolate is the best medicine
8.aka creativity
9.anastasia c.
10.tangled threads
11.rocky point patterns
13. lynn s.
15. norma c.

16. sandbeech***

(***ADDENDUM 3/25/09::::: OMG! i discovered a pretty bad oversight on my part…i left someone (inadvertently!) out of the list & this gal had signed up in the flickr group (tho i did not see a comment in the discussion thread confirming that she is playing). so now, i will need to add her to one of the groups. that means that two groups will be making SIXTEEN tags per person. i hope that won’t inconvenience those affected. sorry sorry sorry. it gets kinda hard to cross reference the member list & the discussion thread!!!!


1.kat collects
3.samantha m.
4.nancy gail
5.jen c.
6. craftyhala
7. 3littlemiracles
8.bluebirds & teapots
9. gilded cage design
10 san ❤ life
11. maryboys3
12. rhondamum
13. peggy g.
14. creative muse
15. jody w.


1.lisa laughs!
2.bev b.
4.michele ka.
5.sweet remembrance
6.je suis robin
7.michele ke.
9.jessica r.
10. shiree j.
13.awtem nymf
15.leslie p.
16. caitlin t.

*PLS NOTE CHANGE: groups I and III will make SIXTEEN tags per person.

ALL altered tags must be in my hands by: JUNE 1st. this is FIRM. i am giving you ample time to get your tags completed. pls. respect this deadline.

FLICKR or e- MAIL me if you need my mailing address.

because of recent increases in postage, i am asking for $3/usa & $5/int’l shipping fee to be sent either with your tags OR via paypal.

FLICKR or e- MAIL me if you need my paypal address.

as soon as ALL of your respective group tags have arrived, i will then bind your books & ship them back to you asap. i will post in the group when this has happened.

any questions, comments or concerns, pls. do not hesitate to ask!

have at it!!!!

& happy creating!!!!

xo mary ann


3 Responses

  1. Fun!! 🙂 I will be happy to make 16! I’m in group III. Could I get you to email your address to me at Jessrodarte(at)verizon(dot)net?? Thanks Mary Ann!

  2. hey jessica,

    i just emailed you my info. thanks for playing! 🙂

  3. Oh Gosh!! someone just pointed out that my name was on your list and wondered if I had done mine yet.. so I hopped over and sure enought there I am. I am SOOO sorry that I absolutely had forgotten that I even joined this swap. when did I join by the way? its so unlike me to forget something like this. And of course, today is june 4th, so you obviously dont have mine on time… (and I HATE when people are late with swaps!) So, there probably isnt enought time for me to do this at this point, which is very disappointing. I dont want to keep you waiting for me, and I dont want leave you lacking a swapper either. And, in all honesty, I’m not sure how fast I could get 16 tags finished and mailed out.
    I feel so bad about this. I just cant believe that I let this slip by.. please get back to me as soon as you can!

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