busy weekend recap

my friend cj owns this fabulous shop stpatsaf8 and she asked me to be her featured artist for the st. pat’s art fair that the town hosted this past weekend.  it is the first time the town is doing it this year.  ordinarily, they have a st. patty’s day parade, but the town, for whatever reason, decided on doing an art fair instead. 

stpatsaf7 the past few weeks, i have been working on wips to put together a show for her.  it was crazy busy, but somehow i managed. 🙂

stpatsaf92 the town (like countless others across the nation) is trying to revitalize their downtown area as well as promote local businesses, such as my friend’s gorgeous shop.

stpatsaf3 but unfortunately, the word wasn’t heard loud enough & so turnout was low.  cj felt so bad that she asked me to try and see if saturday would be any better.

stpatsaf1 it wasn’t, unfortunately.


stpatsaf10 but the organizers of the event have me on their local artists list and will be contacting me for their upcoming “art walk” that will be held this may.

stpatsaf11 & the people that did trickle in cj’s shop, many of whom mostly browsed & oohhhhed & ahhhhhed, all complimented my artwork.  i even gave away some button inchies to these cute little girls who were raving over my things (as well as cj’s store too…that goes without saying!).

i was grateful to my friend cj for letting me set up a table in her gorgeous shop.  she, her grown kids & i had fun chatting away while we waited for customers to come into the shop.  cj said that my work goes so nicely with her shop’s theme & decor.  i did sell a few things, however.  i guess, i will be ready for the upcoming art walk event the town will host this may.  they say that event draws a large crowd.  oh well, it wasn’t such a bad time.  it was nice to get my work “out there” with the general public, as small as it was. 🙂 

thanks cj, matt & rachel!!!  i had a blast, despite the low turnout. 🙂

myshopmm1 updated my lil shop over at the antique barn.

myshopmm2 not doing too badly there esp. since i started that month-long sale.  a few things have sold since i was last in there & i had to rearrange things to fill in the empty spots.

yesterday, the dh & i went to a local irish pub.  i tried to videotape the irish performers whom we saw there as we had the traditional corned beef & cabbage dinner.  if i weren’t so pressed for time (ha! the story of my life lately!!!), i’d you tube it, but now  i’ve got to get ready for school.  preschoolers waiting to be seen, hehehe.

i’ll see if i can come up with a you tube of it later.  until then, have a great week!

xo mary ann


4 Responses

  1. ooh how preeeeeeeeety is Annabelle’s shoppe with your table of sweeeeeeeeeeeetness!!! i mean, i’ve never been able to step into CJ’s beautiful shoppe but from the looks of it…I am already swooning with delight! congratulations on being a featured artist and hooking up with the chamber of commerce…this is truly the year of the ox for you…you’re working so very hard and i know your tenacious nature is going to find even more success for you! your shoppe is gorgeous and wish i was there to shoppe during your march maddness sale…but alas, maybe the end of april we could visit you, CJ and all the cuteness up north! so PROUD of YOU!!! xoxo loon 😉

  2. How nice to have been able to get your creations seen. Maybe next time will be better. People were probably protesting the “no parade” idea!

  3. yes – it is 4 am and I am checking outyour awesome site!! the perfect way to wait out insomnia! hehe. i wish i could’ve gone to your art show. i’m LOVING your cute button magnets! what a great way to showcase your digital art!

  4. thank you so much loon, mahala & she!!!! i think it is always good to put yourself out there, even if for a handful of people. at least i can’t say that i didn’t try & chicken out!

    xo mary ann 🙂

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