tally ho!

**********ADDENDUM #2 3/25/09:   because of my error not updating my original blog post (4 the love of tags) announcing the swap, i added one more person to the mix.  so that means, 2 groups will have 15 peeps each & the 3rd group will have 16.  for more details re: this, pls go here.**************

*************ADDENDUM 3/23/09:  we have reached our max of 45 swappers.  so SIGN-UPS are now closed!***************


here’s the tally list for the sweet tag book swap:  sstbs1

1. stephanie
2. katcollects
3. lisa laughs!
4.kate, vee & me
5. vivianneroni
7. tamberstone
9. susie scott studios
10. sweet remembrance
11. samantha m.
14. nancy gail
15. lbjonriver
16.jo creates
17.jen conway
18. je suis robin
19.creative muse
20. craftyhala
21. bluebirds and teapots
22. chocolate is the best medicine
23. awtem nympf
24. anastasia c
25. aka creativity
26. 3 little miracles
27. mainer at heart06 (me)
28. leslie p.
29.michele ka.
30.jessica r.
31.peggy g.
32.jody w.
33. mary k.
34. rockypointpatterns
36.san ❤ life
37.i heart babies
38.shiree j.
39. bev b.
40. gilded cage designs
41. norma c.
42. angelique
43. rhondamum
44. lynn s.
45. michele ke.

46. caitlin t.


this is what i have so far based on the emails, flickr mail & flickr group memberships that i have either received or noted . i will continue to update this as new peeps join until sign-ups close on apr. 3rd.

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