love you MOM!


dearest mom,

sorry i am a day late.  i meant to post this yesterday, but i was working at a feverish pace to get a bunch of artwork done for a local art fair and i was exhausted and delirious that i totally forgot to call you yesterday!!!!!!! please, i hope you can forgive me?   i did, however, remember to send you birthday greetings on facebook page before i crashed and burned, lol.  please know mom that your birthday was not forgotten, i was just so totally sidetracked & on a serious time crunch.  hopefully, i can make this all up to you at the end of the month when you come up to visit.  that way, we can celebrate together in style!!! 

i love this old picture of you & me & looney as lil peanuts.  i haven’t looked at this in , gosh, forever and when i look at it now, i cannot believe how much i resemble you!  i always thought i took after pop, but looking at this picture, i look like you!  all of us kids do!

my memories of those long ago days are vague, but one thing is for sure, i remember being very happy & loved as you took me & looney on our many countless adventures around the windy city.  i shall always hold those dear feelings close to my heart mom.  i love you always & forever.

xoxo your firstborn 


2 Responses

  1. awwwwwwwww…i truly love this pic of us and mommidida!!! what a blast from the past, huh? you + i look too cute (and remind me of my own lil’ munchkins…bon-bon is you and yan-yan totally me!) and don’t you just love when mom always dressed us alike? you’re my irish twin, firstborn and partner in crime…hee-hee…mom’s the best mom ever and i really miss her delectable sugar cookies and our excursions to pop + her nitetime dances…’member we’d all be dressed in similar outfits…mom in her homemade pink ensemble and our pink handmade matching dresses…we’ve got to find those pics…precious…simply precious! love you soooooo much mom-happy days forever!!! thanks reya for a great post + pic down memory lane!!! xoxo your 2nd born…looney xoxoxoxo!!!

  2. yeh, we do look like sweet lil munchkins, don’t we, hehehe! those were some of the best memories of our childhood loon. i shall cherish them forever!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo reya

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