seeing green

today was a gloomy, stay-at-home & make-art, rainy kind of day.  so that is precisely what i did.  (& no complaints, either!)

i am quite smitten with the collage sheets over at paper whimsy.  i have used a handful already & i am hooked!  the quality is absolutely superb.  & the imagery, just right up my alley.  🙂

as promised, i’ve finished working on my green collage piece.   i must say, one sure does get in a zone with all the (actual) cutting & pasting that i did.  it’s kind of a like switching gears from all the digital stuff that i’ve been immersing myself in.  i still get such a rush when my hands are (happily) busy at work.  art –whether it is traditional or digital– either way, i am a wicked happy camper. 🙂

pwquotechallenge2  (front) the little girl image is none other than lil hilda herself, courtesy of wikipedia.



i was going to bind all my quote pages  like i mentioned in the previous post.  but while i was rummaging thru my supplies in the studio, i came across this acrylic, never-used-before, wire-bound scrapbook.  it is a 6×6 sized one with plain, blank cardstock pages in it.  there aren’t any plastic sleeves, but the beauty part of it is is that there are exactly 24 pages.  perfect, i thought for the pw quote challenges, since there will be 23 quotes total.  alls i would have to do is to create little pockets for each page to house the collages.  a “pocketbook” of sorts.   



two pocket pages down, 21 more to go.  the next quote challenge won’t be announced until next sunday, 3/15 (the quote challenges are announced every other week & that means we have 2 weeks to get the collages done).  well, at least i can say that i am caught up for now.  sweet.  🙂

i’ve also been getting ready for this art fair at the end of this week.  i’ve been getting some cards, button inchies, ephemera packets & other misc. art junk done so hopefully by this coming friday i will be ready, hehehe.  when looking around the studio, i was amazed that i do actually have “stuff” that i can show & tell as well as ( hopefully) sell at the art fair.  whatever doesn’t sell there will be promptly put in my online shoppes as well as over at the antique barn.

speaking of which, for the whole month of march, i’m doing a “march madness” sale at the antique barn.  the owner called me up yesterday to let me know that a few things sold.  that was nice to hear.  i haven’t been there since last weekend, so i was hoping that things were okay in there.  & it is, {sigh} what a relief. 

i know i didn’t think i could do both a dealer space at the antique barn and the big antique fair here.  but a new flea market is opening up right on the state line (not too far from the antique barn) & they are looking for dealers.  welllllllllllllll, i think i may consider it when school lets out in june.  there’s a lot of pluses to this one: a lot closer, cheaper & i can do one day or two or all the weekends from june to sept.  hmmmm, still mulling it over.  but i think i am leaning toward doing it.  🙂

okay, i’ve got something else brewing. but i am going to save that for tomorrow, hee hee.  it’s getting late now & with the new time change, i’ve got to get ready & do my nightly rituals (pack our lunches, take a shower, etc.) because tomorrow, it’s back to the grind &  off to school again.

nitey-nite! xo mary ann


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